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tidusffxwakka 11-03-10 10:10

cool hopefully they do say what it is.

how u finding it? and are you on disc 2? im worried that the games a bit short im on chapter 3 after about 5 hours so if this keeps up im thinking im gonna complete it by 25 lol

its meant to be a 50-60 hour game but rate this is going im barely gonna hit 30 before completing it

have the places gotten longer?

Trfansince1996 11-03-10 10:11

Serah had an eidolon? D:. Btw, there are some really memorable cutscenes :D. I managed to tell myself to turn off the game yesterday even though I wanted to look at what happens next >_>. Stupid railroad jrpgs lol, the same happened with FFX I was hooked :p. The chapters get longer dont worry tidusffxwakka, Im on chapter 7 right now and have like 12-15 hours of play dont even remember. The last 3 chapters are 25 or so hours long btw. Kinda Spoilers highlight to readOh, does anyone find the battles with Sazh and Vanillle to be annoying and stupid? They arent compatible characters at all. :/ Sazh doesnt even have commando in the beginning so its a lot harder to take down enemies with two ravagers :S. Ligthning and Hope was a lot better, I find Light a bit overpowered, same with Hope. At least Hope has low hp. But light O_o. Shes the best char in this game imo./end kinda spoilers

tidusffxwakka 11-03-10 10:13

well she was a l'cie so im guessing she woulda...

Carbonek_0051 11-03-10 10:14


Originally Posted by tidusffxwakka (Post 4435860)
have the places gotten longer?

Slightly, the chapters only take longer because some of enemies take longer to beat.

tidusffxwakka 11-03-10 10:22

k cant wait to continue later this afternoon :)

Trfansince1996 11-03-10 10:39

I just realized I didnt put spoiler tags D:.

Jack Croft 11-03-10 12:21

My guide didnt come I'm now a sad sad sad panda.

Hopefully tomorrow! :jmp:

Carbonek_0051 11-03-10 12:31

Are you still not playing until you get the guide?

Flyin11 11-03-10 12:39

How many chapters are there total?

I'm REALLY enjoying the game a lot more now as I just got into Chapter 3. I know a lot of people are saying the game really opens up at around Chapter 10 or after but for me, it was getting kind of boring till I got to 3. Now I can increase stats, do different battle modes, and have my characters perform various roles. Before it was a lot of Lightning just slashing here and there but now everyone is flying all over the place and doing different moves and it is totally awesome! :cool:

I'm still learning the (Playable) characters but so far:

Lightning: My favorite (Such a bad a#@ she's cool)

Sazh: *Surprisingly* One of my favorites (He's funny and cool)

Snow: Is ok but he's starting to annoy me now

Vanille: Annoying - I thought I would like her but her accent and her childish acting is just a bit annoying to me.

Hope: Actually pretty cool - A lot of people say he's annoying and all but I like him. He's just a scared kid who just lost his mom. How would you be after that? I just think he's pretty cool...

I have yet to play as Fang as from what I have read, you don't even get that chance till later in the game :rolleyes:

tranniversary119 11-03-10 12:42

I'm on chapter four I believe, and Lighting is my definitely favorite so far.

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