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HRHCroft 18-12-15 23:00

I would definitely be up for an expanded, more 'traditional' style "Lara Croft" game, with elements of "Guardian of Light", "Temple of Osiris", "Relic Run" and "Go" all mixed together. It'd probably be the closest we'd get to a proper "TR" game, for the forseeable future (more's the pity).

Dream 21-12-15 00:09

I'd be up for a tomb raider game that actually has lara croft in it. :D
And tombs..
And exploration, atmosphere, a great melodic soundtrack with classic theme plz
AND ACROBATICS, and a posh no nonsense Lady Lara croft.

(and a braid and having boobs is not a crime thank you very much)

But yes to OP, Yes to this thread.

MBog 21-12-15 06:40

I really want a Lara Croft and the Something of Somethingness again :tmb:

CheshireBitch 21-12-15 21:56


Originally Posted by MBog (Post 7512886)
I really want a Lara Croft and the Something of Somethingness again :tmb:

LMFAO your title ! :vlol:

I agree, I want it too !

Laras Dream 22-12-15 12:51

Yes, yes, yes and another yes!

Of course CD and SE are businesses and they are here to make money. Though, I totally agree with this. I just don't feel for the reboot Lara, you know, it just isn't Lara. In my personal opinion, I don't think that they needed to change Lara to make the series popular again. People still like bad ass characters; all they needed to do was update the mechanics and create a good interesting story. They didn't need to change her character.

And yeah, time moves on, and that's all well and good for the people who like it, but if you didn't you would be saying the exact same thing as us.

Nigel Cassidy 22-12-15 13:01

We've got our tenth supporter then. :tmb:

It may not seem like much, but usually it's hard to have ten people on this board to agree even on the colour of an orange :D I think this shows that traditional Lara still has a numerous and passionate audience.

WWETombRaider 31-12-15 07:35

I definitely support this idea. GoL and ToO were amazing, and it's nice for TR fans to escape into this alternative series, different from the current instalments. Theses games are a gem. :tmb:

Laras Dream 02-01-16 15:05

All the old Tomb Raider fans seem to be dying off (not literally). It really gets to me to see Lara as she is now. I know that's how business is and Crystal is only rolling with what they were successful with, but I always think that there was no need to change the character so dramatically.

I was replaying AOD over the holidays and all I could think was how close to a masterpiece that game was. Oh well... life isn't always fair. :p

Nigel Cassidy 02-01-16 15:51

I think there's reason to be optimistic about this: Crystal D realized there would be fans of the traditional Lara, and for those people the Lara Croft series was created.

I think that's a great idea, to split up the franchise like that into two different directions. Right now though, one direction is very big and the other is rather small. This proposal is me telling them to think bigger and make bigger Lara Croft games. And the more support for that we can gather the more it may show Crystal D that there is room for expansion.

By the way: isn't the Lara Croft series being blessed with it's own comic book series and novel as well? The existence of these 'auxiliary products' I think shows they're willing to make this series bigger and put effort and resources into it. Now that TR10 has been released it's the Lara Croft series' turn again, so what kind of Lara Croft game are they gonna announce next for november 2016? It might be another isometric game, but who knows: it might be something more ambitious. That's an exciting prospect!

TheRCroft 02-01-16 18:00

I like to think that the LC series is not just something to keep us busy while a main release doesn't come out. Hopefully they improve on the formula that they already have and I definitely love the idea that someone mentioned here of including elements of the mobile LC games, particularly GO, which everyone loved.

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