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moodydog 04-03-19 19:13

Birth of the Womb Raider

Orimus 04-03-19 19:54

Tomb Raider: Tears of Geshtinanna

TombRaiderLover 04-03-19 20:08

I'd like to see the subtitle format of the pre-reboot games, but I bet you any money they'll call it Return of the Tomb Raider.

jajay119 04-03-19 20:19

Tomb Raider: Lara's got her mojo back.

LaraFan08 05-03-19 01:07

Rising Raider of the Forgotten Tomb of the Tribal Princess.

Yuna´s Wish 05-03-19 06:15

Odyssey of the Tomb Raider
Demise of the Tomb Raider
Chains of the Tomb Raider
Memories of the Tomb Raider
Soul of the Tomb Raider
Ghost of the Tomb Raider
Tales of the Tomb Raider
Adventures of the Tomb Raider
Tomb Raider: Endurance
Tomb Raider: Rebirth
Tomb Raider and the _____________ (insert name of the artifact/city she seeks)


tomee 05-03-19 09:55

I want them to simply call it Tomb Raider II, just to piss people off. 😎

Enigma92 05-03-19 12:14

Tomb Raider: I'm still not quite there yet

Summary: In Shadow, Katniss Everdeen became 98% a Tomb Raider through an Aztec ritual sacrifice (we don't understand it either!).

Now, marvel as Katniss strives to realise the remaining 2% of her occupation while somehow mourning the fact that she has now gotten over the death of her parents (?).

Preorder today!

MBog 05-03-19 12:22

Scales of the Tomb Raider

Linoshi Croft 05-03-19 12:28


Originally Posted by Enigma92 (Post 8052352)
Tomb Raider: I'm still not quite there yet


I feel like this is what Shadow should of been called.

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