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Tomb Raidering 14-03-20 20:47


Originally Posted by Raider8 (Post 8168723)
omg. This part has serious Parisian backstreets vibes lol. This is so damn relatable as if a new game is created with nothing but the existing assets and dialogues lol.

Coincidence? :p

Originally Posted by HarleyCroft (Post 8170878)
But.. who shot the gun?? :eek:

You’ll finally find out! [Clue: Industrial Rooftops :whi:]

Chapter 8 - The Beautiful Fugitives (Continued)
— “AA-aagh” squawked Classic Lara in pain AoD-esquely.
— “Are you alright?” Destined Lara was worried.

Classic Lara didn’t answer. Despite the police helicopter shooting her, she seemed OK. She imagined entering an inventory menu and consuming a health pack. As a consequence, she sighed, “HAH,” and her imaginary flashing health bar disappeared. After what seemed like a dreadfully long climb across, they reached the rooftop with the little shed. Classic Lara took out her newly acquired crowbar and prized open the padlocked door. Entering inside, she found a pistol. “Finally, some firepower!” she commented. “We already have weapons,” Destined Lara thought they wasted their time.

Whilst all of this was happening, the police helicopter generously waited outside. Destined Lara, returning back to the topic, asked, “What are we going to do?” ~ “Shockingly, I don’t know too,” replied Classic Lara. After some time, they decided what they were going to do: They were going to make a running jump across to a building for no logical reason. The police helicopter was nearing to shoot them for a second time. “NOW!” Classic Lara instructed. Of course, the ledge crumbled in their hands and they fell down, dumping themselves into the garbage container down below.

2 Days Later...

— “Why were we even on the run like real fugitives?”
— “I don’t understand either.”

The two were locked up in a cell at a local police station and they were waiting for LAU Lara to complete the legal work for their release. 2 days went rough for the two beloved explorers. They never got locked up in a police cell before in their lives, and it took them a while to adapt to their new surroundings. Since there was no crime committed, they were going to get released easily. And eventually, they got released. LAU Lara teased the two on the way to her manor.

All of them were tired and hungry. And unfortunately LAU Winston was on holiday. Luckily, LAU Lara knew of a very good local Chinese restaurant, and the trio went there. All eyes were on them because of their striking similarities, and this angered Classic Lara: “I might be quite hungry myself, famished actually!” Everyone ran away from the restaurant, thinking that Classic Lara was a cannibal. LAU Lara naturally facepalmed and Destined Lara commented, “You need to improve your oneliners.”

* * *

— “I wanna go h-o-m-e,” nagged Destined Lara.
— “Can’t you stop for a moment? She’s fetching the artifact. You know what? It’ll be a great pleasure to not see you for a few days,” Classic Lara roasted Destined Lara.
— “Hmmph!”

LAU Lara came to their rescue and brought The Key of Hearts. But the artifact wasn’t working! Classic Lara and Destined Lara were trapped in LAU Lara’s universe!


“HAHAHA,” an evil voice laughed wickedly. The owner of the evil voice was watching the three Laras from his crystal ball. The LAU Doppelganger assured him, “Your command is fulfilled, Father.”

MBog 15-03-20 11:19

oh no the doppelganger has daddy issues too ? :vlol:

Tomb Raidering 23-03-20 21:51


Originally Posted by MBog (Post 8178580)
oh no the doppelganger has daddy issues too ? :vlol:

No! He’s not her ‘real’ father. The ‘symbolic’ father, remember? :p

Chapter 9 - The Plot Thickens

— “Uh oh!” Classic Lara was getting worried.
— “Why isn’t it working?” LAU Lara questioned herself.
Destined Lara started crying.
— “Oh, hush!”

After spending some time examining the artifact, they found the reason of its malfunction: A part of it was cracked. LAU Lara commented, “It’s deliberate, which isn’t good.”

— “So what are we g-o-i-n-g to do?!” asked Destined Lara.
— “Not to worry. I know someone who’s a professional in repairing artifacts and relics. I’ll go to his shop and let him see what he can do. You two stay here. Be good girls and don’t be naughty,” said LAU Lara and left.
— “Did she just scorn us?” Classic Lara didn’t want to believe.
— “It appears to be so!”


“They thought we were unaware of their plans. They thought they were superior than us. But we’re always a step ahead of them thanks to this crystal ball,” explained The General of the Fallen Ones. He and the LAU Doppelganger had evil plans for the trio. They knew that the three Laras would eventually team up and try to defeat them. The Reboot Doppelganger and the Classic Doppelganger played the dumb on purpose.

— “You deserved a day off, creature.”

The General of the Fallen Ones was both handsome and intelligent. The LAU Doppelganger secretly loved him. “I’m sick of this ‘symbolic father’ issue. I want you,” she thought deep inside, and went to spend her day off just like her master commanded.

* * *

— “I can do this Lara, I just need a few days. I’m repairing artifacts for other clients,” said LAU Lara’s artifact-repairer friend John.
— “But this is urgent! I have... people waiting for it!”
— “Sorry Lara. Even if we’re old friends here, it’s business sweetie.”
— “You know how persuasive I can be, even with dangerous men.”

* * *

— “It’s alright girls, I’ve got the artifact repaired,” claimed LAU Lara.
— “This quick?!” Both Classic Lara and Destined Lara were delighted.
— “I’m a woman of secrets, you know?”

The women gave each other a warm smile. And the two foreigners went to their own universes with the help of the artifact. “I’ll miss you two Tomb Raiding freaks,” sighed LAU Lara. But of course they were going to reunite, they had plans going on against the LAU Doppelganger, thought she. She was tired. After a warm bath, she went to bed.


— “What did we do wrong, Father?” asked the LAU Doppelganger.
— “Nothing. I wanted the two to get back to their universes hence I didn’t stop LAU Lara from what she was doing,” answered The General of the Fallen Ones.
— “Then why did we break the artifact in the first place?” The LAU Doppelganger was puzzled.
— “I hate when I get questioned so much.”
— “Sorry, Father.”

The LAU Doppelganger, even though having free will, was literally The General of the Fallen One’s slave. And she liked being his slave. She felt like she was making him happy. And making him happy was her ultimate goal. “He’ll also love me one day!” The LAU Doppelganger was hopeful.

“Love is blind. She’ll be useful to me in the future. Then I’ll need her no more,” thought The General of the Fallen Ones. He, having a dark heart with no light, was merciless.

What was in store for the LAU Doppelganger?

MBog 24-03-20 15:22

Oh not poor Doppelganger , she's in a toxic relationship and doesn't even realise it :(:p

"then why did we break it in the first place?" :vlol:
Who could this Father be ...?

HarleyCroft 27-03-20 23:52

Can't wait until Doppie breaks free from her Father :mis:

ThirteenCroft 01-04-20 22:33

OMG I need more of it :vlol:

I'm waiting for the next chapters :jmp:

Tomb Raidering 12-04-20 00:47

Chapter 10 - Calm Before The Storm

A Few Days Later - Destined Lara’s Manor

— “Welcome to my most modest dwelling yet again! What brought you here?” Destined Lara was pleased to see her variants yet again it seemed.
— “Don’t get too excited. LAU Lara forced me to come here. Apparently she’s got something to tell us,” explained Classic Lara grumpily.
— “If you noticed, I was talking to LAU Lara. My face was turned towards h-e-r-, not y-o-u-!
— “Ugh, bloody hell. Here we go again”

LAU Lara ignored the two and acrobatted her way to the oversized kitchen to fetch herself some water. “This seems so familiar,” she thought. Then she remembered: “My god, Classic Lara!” she yelled. The two women who were still in a heated argument came over. “What’s the matter?” asked Destined Lara.

— “This kitchen...” LAU Lara wasn’t brave enough to finish the sentence.
— “This kitchen! It’s a literal copy of MY kitchen,” shouted Classic Lara.
— “My architect did a little miscalculation whilst the renovations were taking place,” replied Destined Lara, “Anyway-“

Classic Lara interrupted Destined Lara’s sentence: “Stop!”, and crossed her arms. Destined Lara rolled her eyes. Classic Lara enjoyed the sight she created.

HarleyCroft 12-04-20 23:19

Haha still love that banter between Laras :D

Raider8 18-04-20 21:21

Damn i wish we could see the oversized kicthen of destined lara in that never-gonna-come dlc.

There should be a part in this when LAU/classic lara get into reboot Lara's wardrobe and find every single outfit nothing but tribal and start roasting her.

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