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Samz 15-09-19 22:23


Originally Posted by Amunet (Post 8131470)
No, you're not the only one. I hated it as well and I definitely hate how much of an influence it was on TR2013.

While I haven't seen it, to be honest? some of these influcences were the worst moments in 2013 for me, the blood bath, massive amounts of blood and guts and the cannibal prisoners.

Ellioft 16-09-19 16:17

I think they wanted to use it as well in the movie remember Himiko's family buried with her and becoming albinos monsters after they reproduced and eat themselves to survive ?

UroshUchiha 17-09-19 11:27

Oh wow thanks for the comparison screenshots! I love this movie and I honestly never noticed the similarities until now.

Grizzly Bear 18-09-19 07:35


Originally Posted by UroshUchiha (Post 8132139)
Oh wow thanks for the comparison screenshots! I love this movie and I honestly never noticed the similarities until now.

You're welcome! I'm glad you've found it interesting :)

TrustyBow 18-09-19 13:24

Interesting analysis!

I saw the movie after I played the reboot games but I didn't know going in that the movie had an influence on TR13. When I saw the main character use an axe, I was like "Lara! That's Lara!" That combined with the pool of blood scene, I figured there was no way that this could be a coincidence. I looked it up and my suspicions were confirmed.

I think it was a great movie to take inspiration from, as it really captures the feeling of going on an adventure that turns into a horror/survival experience. The movie itself is really good and probably one of my favorite horror films.

RICER ACCORDV6 18-10-19 23:13

tr did it better lol

Lord Insidious 27-10-19 19:11

Great movie!

Linoshi Croft 31-10-19 19:19


Originally Posted by RICER ACCORDV6 (Post 8141770)
tr did it better lol

Ha, no.

I was actually rooting for the lead towards the end of the descent and actually felt empathetic towards her unlike Lara.

Tombraider95 04-11-19 23:11

For a game named "Survivor" this would have fitted perfectly! For "Tomb Raider"... No. I do like the first movie though.

LateRaider 06-11-19 23:39

whats interesting is i remember camilla saying when they were casting for lara, she was told she'd be voicing a character named "sarah" if she got the part. an obscure piece of trivia but hey

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