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DeckerZ 08-08-20 19:09

Tomb Edit Not Loading my Level
I have created a very basic room for testing purposes. Initially it loads ok, but when I make modifications to it and F5 to run it, it does not load the most recent changes. It loads the initial file, or it will just load the default level.
Has anyone else experienced this and know how I fix it?
I am using Tomb Editor 1.3.2

tlr online 08-08-20 20:38

Welcome to the forum. Someone should be along soon with some advice.

Matie 08-08-20 21:57

That sounds like a paths issue, check the paths in the Level Settings menu and reset the path for the .tr4 file. The reason you're not seeing any changes is because TE is saving the .tr4 file under a different name (it's most likely using the name of the prj) instead of updating the actual file the script is pointing to.

DeckerZ 08-08-20 22:23

i think you are correct, however how do I correct this. Sorry I am a noob and would like to start creating my own levels as I love Tomb Raider. Here is a screenshot of my setting, I called my level Level01b.tr4. Can you point me in the right direction please.

Matie 08-08-20 22:44

That's okay, we're here to help :)

The target folder for the level file should be $(GameDirectory)\data\Level01b.tr4, as .tr4 files are stored in the data folder within the game directory.

Make sure the script is pointing at the correct .tr4 file as well.

The script (SCRIPT.TXT in the Script folder) consists of different sections, first you have the options, then the title level, then the rest of the levels, each level has its own [LEVEL] section.

If you rename a .tr4 file, you'll need to change the last line in the corresponding [Level] section, in this case it should say the following (104 is referring to the background audio track in the audio folder which you can also change):


Level=                DATA\LEVEL01B,104
(Note: If you also want to change the name/title of the level, you'll have to add the new level name to the Strings as well.)

The script can be changed and compiled through NG_Center or TombIDE.

DeckerZ 08-08-20 23:45

Thanks Matie, your information was most helpful. I thought it was a mater of creating a room, saving it and playing it. I am a little bit wiser now, lol.:)

Joey79100 09-08-20 00:19

Actually, it could go a little more like this if you were using TombIDE, because TombIDE creates the levels entries in the script for you, and sets the paths correctly in the project file. TombIDE is where you manage your game as a whole, ie. create new levels, change load screen, icon, and edit & build the script (with an autocomplete feature, and live error detecting which are especially useful when you don't know much about scripting, because it basically guides you into making functional script commands).
However you need to make sure you have the latest version of Tomb Editor for that, which is 1.3.5 (there were a few issues in earlier versions with the paths when creating new levels).

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