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Peanut 01-04-10 02:24

Your Latest Trophy/Achievment.
This might be pointless but just for fun, what is your latest PS3 Trophy or XBOX360 Achievement?

Mine is: Uncharted 2~100 Treasures Trophy.

michaeldt 01-04-10 02:25

Umbra elder: complete all chapters on hard
Bayonetta :)

Hairhelmet12 01-04-10 02:28

Resident evil 5: Lost in Nightmares

Wish Upon a Star
Destroy all 18 of the score stars found throughout "Lost in nightmares"

Paddy 01-04-10 02:30

I got one for competing in every match type on Perfect Dark :cool:

Legend of Lara 01-04-10 02:31

Gallery Completionist in Tekken 6.

I have no idea how I got it. I just failed Nightmare Train and BAM GOLD TROPHY! :p

TRLegendLuver 01-04-10 03:21

Platinum Trophy for Uncharted 2: Among Thieves


Took quite some time, but I finally got it. Didn't really help that I had to start all over because my first PS3 died, but now I finally beat it. :D

michaeldt 01-04-10 04:32

^theres another 12 trophies to get from the update :whi:

toughraid3r37 01-04-10 05:45

FEAR 2 Achievement :D

Killed 4 enemies in one slow mo :jmp:

ozzman 01-04-10 13:24

God of War 3-Hit Man [1000 hit combo]

Resident evil 5- single player survivors and slayers achievements, now i'm 100%, till i get it for PS3

Paddy 01-04-10 13:25

10G for fully researching a bouncer on Bioshock :cool:

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