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charmedangelin 25-08-19 06:06

Guess that Level - Reboot Edition
I remember we had this kind of thread for the classic games in the classic sections of this forum. I thought why not have some fun and make one for the newer games.

Now this thread took me a bit of research to try and get all the levels right. This will include all 3 reboot games and below will be a list of the legit levels and their legit names.

For those who don't know this game what you have to do is guess a level by the riddles a member provides. If you guess the level correctly then you get to make a riddle about a level from the reboots that others have to guess. If it's too hard for some to guess then you can always follow up with additional clues, but no more then 5 clues max so use the clues wisely. For the reboot you can choose a main level or a tomb to create a riddle with.

Alright here are all the levels and the tomb names. This is going to be a long list so bare with me. I had to research some of these.

So Whoever posts first get's to go first. Have fun :wve:

Rules as of Nov. 2 2019:

1. At least 3 clues in the initial post, no more then 5 clues max.

2. No more then 2 tries per day per riddle per person

3. If a riddle is not solved in 4 days the riddle expires and whoever is first to post will be the next to go.

4.Those who have won a round must either post their riddle or pass the riddle off to someone else within 6 days of posting. If by after 6 days the winner does not respond then they forfeit their turn and the first person to post their riddle goes first.

These are subject to change should there be any more issues. I'm always open for discussion. :wve:


Also while you do return to some levels more then once I decided to just have the level titles themselves to make things simpler and a bit fairer.

Tomb Raider (2013)

Scavenger's Den
Coastal Bluffs
Coastal Forest
Mountain Temple
Mountain Village
Base Approach
Mountain Base
Base Exterior
Cliffside Village
Mountain Pass
Chasm Monastery
Mountain Descent
Cavern Entrance
Geothermal Caverns
Solarii Fortress
Fortress Tower
Summit Forest
Gondola Transport
Shipwreck Beach
Cliffside Bunker
Research Base
Chasm Stronghold
Chasm Shrine
Chasm Ziggurat

Tomb Raider (2013) Tombs

Tomb of the Unworthy
Hall of Ascension
Well of Tears
Chamber of Judgment
Stormguard Sanctum
Flooded Vault
Temple of Handmaidens

Tomb Raider (2013) DLC

Tomb of the Lost Adventurer

Rise of the Tomb Raider

Mountain Peak
The Prophets Tomb
Siberia Wilderness
Glacial Cavern
Soviet Installation
Abandoned Mines
Geothermal Valley
The Acropolis
Flooded Archives
Copper Mill Bridge
Research Base
The Orrery
Path of the Deathless
The Lost City

Rise of the Tomb Raider (Tombs)

Ice Ship
Ancient Cistern
Voice of God
Red Mine
House of the Afflicted
Catacomb of Sacred Waters
Pit of Judgment
Baths of Kitezh
Chamber of Exorcism

Rise of the Tomb Raider DLC

Blood Ties
Cold Darkness Awakened
Lara's Nightmare
Baba Yaga

Shadow of the Tomb Raider

Peruvian Jungle
Croft Manor
Kuwaq Yaku
Trial of the Eagle
The Hidden City
Belly of the Serpent
Head of the Serpent
The Mountain Temple
Porvenior Oil Fields
Mission of San Juan
City of the Serpent

Shadow of the Tomb Raider (Tombs)

Underworld Gate
Judge's Gaze
Howling Caves
Path of Battle
Temple of the Sun
Ancient Aqueduct
San Cordoba
Tree of Life
Thristy Gods

Shadow of the Tomb Raider DLC

The Forge - Forge of Destiny
The Pillar - Path of Huracan
The Nightmare - Howl of the Monkey Gods
The Price of Survival - The Sixth Seal
The Serpents Heart - Slayer's Gauntlet
The Grand Caiman - Zipacna's Craving
The Path Home - Mother Protector

Mod edit:

Just a reminder that game threads have the rule of only 2 posts per 24 hours.

As game threads and listing threads (“your latest purchase”, “your mood”, “which song are you currently listening to” and the like) are somewhat frivolous by definition a maximum of 2 posts per 24 hours is applicable.

laracroftswest 25-08-19 06:50

Alright let's see here :)

I'm not quite like the Maria Doria, but I'm 90 degrees from it.

charmedangelin 25-08-19 07:09

I'm thinking a ship level so I'll guess San Cordoba

Chamayoo 25-08-19 08:58

I'll try Ice Ship :p

laracroftswest 25-08-19 15:17


Originally Posted by Chamayoo (Post 8124862)
I'll try Ice Ship :p


Chamayoo 27-08-19 16:54

Oh ! Ok then, my turn. :D

I'm moving from quite a high altitude...

charmedangelin 27-08-19 17:09

Mountain Decent

Chamayoo 27-08-19 17:12


Originally Posted by charmedangelin (Post 8125632)
Mountain Decent

It isn't this one. ;)

JsotoTRSaga 27-08-19 17:14

Gondola Transport

Chamayoo 27-08-19 17:15


Originally Posted by JsotoTRSaga (Post 8125634)
Gondola Transport

Wow didn't expect to be found so fast. Congrats ! :D

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