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PiaJ 29-08-20 13:21

I seem to be unable to download the two following levels/games from trle.net:
- Tomb raider I revised by Daoine Sidhe
- TR Forge Advent Calendar 2015 - Tomb Raider Reimagined (Demo) by AoDfan
My computer simply says that the internet connection has ended and my antivirus says that the two links are url:blacklisted.
Any fixes for this? I really want to try those games.

Edit: According to my antivirus it's the tomb.exe files that seem to be malware. Is this true?

Joey79100 29-08-20 18:29

It's a very common issue. TRLE games are often patched with a TREP/FLEP in order to add additional gameplay/graphics related features to their game. The issue is that since it modifies the executable (tomb4.exe), antiviruses notice it's not the tomb4.exe they expect and so they scream, but it's a false positive.
You can whitelist those downloads, and when you download them put them in a folder excluded from your antivirus scan, otherwise it will remove the file from there too.

The Great Chi 29-08-20 19:01

Other option is to temporary switch off your anti-virus and download the game.

Also keep the anti-virus off when playing the game, or it will wipe the tr4.exe.

Best to keep a copy of the tr4.exe in a seperate folder in case it does get wiped.

Joey79100 29-08-20 19:39

That works, but... It is definitely not recommended. :p
That means leaving all doors open while downloading and playing, which is risky. It's better to only whitelist what you know is safe.
Also as long as the game is in an excluded folder - at least with Windows Defender - it won't wipe the exe file. I don't know about other antiviruses, but it should be the same.

PiaJ 30-08-20 05:36

I managed to download by whitelisting the link, now I just need to figure out how to open it :P My antivirus deletes it, when I try opening it, saying that it's malware. I'll figure it out.

Thanks everyone, what I really needed to know from you was that it is in fact a false positive and that I have nothing to be afraid of.

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