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ATombRaiderFan 03-09-20 17:13

Optimal graphic settings for TR2-5
Hey everyone, I thought I should ask the online community whether these are the most optimal graphic settings to run each classic game with. I would welcome any feedback or suggestions. :o









moodydog 04-09-20 11:50

For optimal experience, I think the settings you have are fine. There is not much fine tuning with the classics. There are however, unofficial patches available to enhance the experience for modern systems, including true widescreen support.


If you happen to have TR1, you should play with barracuda415's atipatch: https://www.tombraiderforums.com/sho...d.php?t=214779

ATombRaiderFan 05-09-20 05:48

^Thanks, and indeed Glrage is imo the best way to experience TR1, and in TR2's case it's worth checking out Arsunt's TR2Main project.

Erynii 06-09-20 17:19

I would turn on Volumetric FX on TR IV and V, and maybe disable bump mapping on TR4 depends if you like the effect or not.

ATombRaiderFan 07-09-20 06:53

^Volumetric FX is an interesting one and I've read a few discussions on it in TLA section of this forum but hardly gets a mention in the Chronicles section. Personally I'm not a fan of the setting since the fog lightbulbs obscures parts of the environment. The setting does come with trade-offs - bugs like wrongly used colours in Tomb of Seth or Karnak (there's a fix for this if anyone's interested), the distance fog breaks in the railroad level if you save and reload while playing in the level, and the green colours in the cutscene when Von Croy claims the Iris look washed out.

Bump mapping seem to give clarity to some textures. For example:


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