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Only TR lover 21-11-19 18:25

The Old Gods - Tomb raider inspired art collab
Hey guys! Few days ago, on 19th, was the anniversary of Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation so Inna and I have put together the tribute - art collaboration project named "The Old Gods". Inna made this amazing artwork inspired by TLR and I did the music - combination of TR motifs from the classics and some fresh stuff. Hope you'll check it out! :wve: :)

In case you missed them, here are some older collabs we did! :)

Based on Nicobass' Dagger of Xian

Remake of my 1st TR inspired track

The Dark Angel Symphony medley

Cat Woman 22-11-19 17:29

Loved the tribute -art collaboration “The Old Gods”. Enjoyed the music and the amazing artwork by Inna. You’re both very talented. (actually played all of them). Thank you for posting. Very relaxing and peaceful listening. :)

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