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igonge 12-06-08 14:26



xXhayleyroxXx 12-06-08 14:35

its squidly!! :ton::jmp:

sorry iv named him already:D

im loving the muffin piccy :)


JACOBryanBURNS 12-06-08 15:13


Larapink 12-06-08 15:52


Zique 12-06-08 16:10


"...Don't matter if I step on the scene
Or sneak away to the Underworld
They still gonna put pictures of my tentacle in the magazine
You want a piece of me?
You want a piece of me..."



"...Can I make it any more obvious?
He was a mollusk, she did mountaineering
What more can I say?..."

Encore 12-06-08 16:51

^ wow, they're so much hotter now :vlol:

xXhayleyroxXx 12-06-08 17:27

i loves the snails going nom hehehe :P

and wow britanny's new makeover is fantastic hehe :jmp:

just*raidin*tomb 12-06-08 17:51

I did this for the fan artwork thread, but it could go here to I guess...

Alex Fly 12-06-08 17:57

^ Creepy ! But nicely made ! :tmb:

@ Zique : LMAO ! :vlol: :tmb:

nightwishgirl84 12-06-08 19:20

bwhahahahaha LOLSQUIDS !!
those are brilliant :)

Lara-Ferguson 12-06-08 19:24



I LOVE THIS! :jmp:
haha simply great

Encore 12-06-08 19:37

[SIZE="5"]The Underpus Is Out There [/SIZE]



Lara-Ferguson 12-06-08 19:59

LoL xD
here is another one from me

daventry 12-06-08 20:11

Underpus goes Prime Evil

Blackmoor 12-06-08 23:23

[QUOTE=Encore;2773282][SIZE="5"]The Underpus Is Out There [/SIZE]


:pi:[/QUOTE]I love this one! This ought to be made into T-shirts and worn so that fellow TRF fans can secretly recognise each other.

Bumio 12-06-08 23:26


good one :D

well i couldnt resist :pi:


Rivendell 12-06-08 23:27

:vlol: Great new ones! Loving the X-Files one!

Real Life Raider 12-06-08 23:54

[QUOTE=Encore;2773282][SIZE="5"]The Underpus Is Out There [/SIZE]



This would actually make a good teaser poster :D although I agree with Blackmoor's T.Shirt idea!

Bumio! Tom and Underpus really did make me LOL!

Evan C. 13-06-08 00:12

Haha omg this is just amazing.

Encore 13-06-08 00:19

There totally should be an Underpus t shirt!!! :vlol: Like Blackmoor says it would set us all apart... We're the ultimate TRU nerds :whi:

Zique 13-06-08 00:31



Real Life Raider 13-06-08 00:39

[QUOTE=Encore;2773797]We're the ultimate TRU nerds :whi:[/QUOTE]

This is true!

No other TR fanbase has this level of obsession with The Mighty and Compelling Underpus! :cln:

Feather Duster 13-06-08 04:16

Whatever, just watched so you think you can dance.


Oh my god it's supposed to say Nigel Lythpus but it won't show up. Aw what does it matter no one's gonna care anyway.;)

ChingKong 13-06-08 04:30

:vlol: :vlol: its so refreshing to see him like this....hes such a pain-in-the-ass on TV

LOVE IT! :tmb:

ChingKong 13-06-08 05:37

ANOTHA 1! dedicated to Feather Duster!


i hope david has lara on speed dial!

Angel666 13-06-08 05:45

I totally keep thinking that the little tube things on the side of it's head are it's eyes. It doesn't look nearly as menacing if you look at it like that.

Alex Fly 13-06-08 09:44

Lmao excellent entries ! :tmb: :vlol:

[QUOTE=Bumio;2773746]good one :D

well i couldnt resist :pi:

Awww... Excellent editing ! :D

Flame 13-06-08 10:04

[COLOR="Red"][SIZE="5"][U]The names Puss ... Underpuss :p


touchthesky 13-06-08 10:06

I don't like James bond but I totally would go see that movie.

Real Life Raider 13-06-08 12:18

[QUOTE=Angel666;2774029]I totally keep thinking that the little tube things on the side of it's head are it's eyes..[/QUOTE]

Same here! :rolleyes:

LOL! @ Flame's 007 Underpuss! :vlol:

tampi 13-06-08 13:46

I posted this in g.r.o.w.l. thread too :o:p


Cog 13-06-08 13:48

The dog needs Winston's face.


Alex Fly 13-06-08 13:52

^^ LMAO ! :vlol: They are all so cute together. :p

Encore 13-06-08 13:53

ahahahah awesome tampi! :D

john_york 13-06-08 14:52


The power of Underpus compels you!

Conway 13-06-08 14:53

[QUOTE=Bumio;2773746]good one :D

well i couldnt resist :pi:

Amazing. Made me smile.

@ john york: That pwns all.

Encore 13-06-08 15:00


The power of Underpus compels you![/QUOTE]



Alex Fly 13-06-08 15:19

Lol, nice one John ! :p

lovechin 13-06-08 15:45

you guys are killing me :vlol: :vlol: :vlol:

thevman 13-06-08 16:08

Any chance tlr can make a special page on tombraiderchronical just for all the underpus pics??? :whi: Then we can find them all in one place without having to read all the posts... ;)

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