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RedField2012 01-02-20 09:12

Lara Croft: Shadow War
Welcome to my fan made Modern Timeline where I want to share my dark story about Lara Croft in her upcoming journey.
This story will become a Trilogy soon enough and will be set in TV Spots of each episodes with the description of the plot to understand more what is happening within my story.
You are now entered to the thread of Shadow War season which is the continuing of Lara's journey that will be mixed with Lara's twin and the upcoming war that she must prepare for.

(Released in February 2021)

To enter to the 1st season - click here https://www.tombraiderforums.com/sho...d.php?t=220258
To enter to the 3rd season - click here https://www.tombraiderforums.com/sho...d.php?t=225786

This is a 2nd season of my Tomb Raider series called Shadow War which shows my version of Lara Croft and her upcoming journey. The story continues 5 years later after the events of the 1st season. In 2010 Lara will be a wanted fugitive for the crimes she commited: killing Amanda Evert, making a raid in de Mornay Industries. Since that time there will be a reward for Lara's head. Jacqueline Natla won't forgive for Lara's betrayal. And now Lara regained her personality after she drank all the stocks of the Queen Elixir that kept her stronger along with her second personality. She's now 35 but hasn't aged since 2005 thanks to the elixir that she was drinking all these years. Lara will be looking for a way to get rid off her darkside. On her journey she will meet Alister Fletcher who will help Lara. Also there will be a mercenary called Chase Carver who will be hunting on Lara to get the reward. Zip who survived Lara's attack will be in prison for partnership with Lara before. Atlas de Mornay will be working on his project with the Tree of Life. There's more to find about the Queen Elixir and it's tree along with the Garden of Eden. Natla will use her power to gain allies and prepare for the upcoming war. Lara must find all the help she can get for what's coming and stop Natla once and for all. There will be one revelation from Lara herself and yet WE are about to find out who the hell is Lara's twin...

Main Characters are:


Playlist of Episodes (the plot is in the description) or go here starting with post #105 https://www.tombraiderforums.com/sho...223982&page=11

The Story of Shadow War season

2nd season - 26th episode (Five Years Later)

"It's been 5 years since Lara Croft gave in to her second personality. It is now the year 2010. Atlas de Mornay rebuilt his reputation in de Mornay Industries and even went global to mass produce his business around the world. At one evening Atlas was in New York. There he met the president of the United States who came to tell Atlas in person about the good things he has been doing for these years. Atlas went the same way as Amanda Evert did with the charity auctions. Next day Jacqueline Natla was lying on the bed and hearing the news from the TV about Atlas. Natla is now living in Croft Manor since she made Lara a fugitive right after that raid in de Mornay Industries. She won't forgive Lara's betrayal and made her a target. Meantime Zip was alive and well since Lara's attack on him 5 years back. He's now spending his time in prison for cooperation with Lara Croft. Zip will never forget about what Lara did to him. Somewhere in Europe, Lara was hiding from all people. Been possessed by her second personality for these 5 years made Lara changed her last name to de Mornay. This Lara is different from Lara we know. She became a mother of her own child. Lara didn't know she was pregnant back in 2005 when she killed Alvis and Zip before to disappear from the radar. Now Lara became a beloved mother like her mother Amelia was to her. The amount of the Queen Elixir was low which kept Lara stronger and even immortal for these 5 years. Lara is now 35 but hasn't aged since 2005 thanks to this elixir. And now after drinking all the stocks of the Queen Elixir, Lara decided to visit her uncle Atlas. She asked her daughter about to get out of their place for some adventure..."

2nd season - 27th episode (Being a Mother)

"Next day Lara along with her daughter moved to South America. Lara knew that Atlas should be somewhere in Brazil. She remembered once a place where she was with her uncle back in her childhood. When Lara finally found Atlas's place she brought her daughter there. After some time Lara's daughter went asleep and Lara decided to watch after her from the distance. When Atlas entered the place he noticed a child lying on the bed. He was wondering about if this poor child just came here to find some food. But when Atlas noticed his niece behind the curtain he went straight to her and Lara turned around to leave but Atlas stopped her. He asked about what is she doing here and who is this child. Lara answered that she's a gift. She also added that she's been waiting for Atlas to find her. Atlas asked her about the child that looks like Lara in her childhood. Lara answered that she did something bad and Atlas asked about a father. Without a doubt Lara was sure that this child was Alvis's. She then yelled at Atlas that this is his fault. Atlas realised that he's not talking with niece. Because Atlas's niece hates him and this niece is kind to him. Lara told him that she missed him so much for these years. Atlas figured out that he was talking with another Lara here who is now doesn't seem evil. Lara was telling Atlas a story of good times with her daughter during these last 5 years. This Lara who wanted to take control of the old Lara to herself is now sounding different. Atlas realised that Lara's second personality became a complete person now. Lara told Atlas that she became like that thanks to her daughter that she didn't have in plans before. After that Lara decided to be straight and honest with her uncle. She told him that she drank all the stocks of the Queen Elixir she stole from him 5 years ago. And now she feels that soon she will lost the control and the old Lara will come back from the 5 years slumber. Lara de Mornay agreeded to let Lara Croft back in her body but on one condition. Lara wants Atlas to give a word that he will find a way to free this Lara from his niece's body. Atlas made a promise and then asked Lara about her daughter's name. Lara answered that her name is Elena. After that Atlas went to Elena and decided to wake her with some fruit he had with him. Lara was watching how Atlas was telling a story to Elena in the same way he was telling the stories to Lara. At night in Croft Manor, Natla was making calls. She found one mercenary called Chase Carver. She called him to give him an oportunity to get the reward for Lara's head. Chase agreeded because all he wanted is money. Next morning Chase came to Brazil thanks to the last coordinates Lara used during her flight here. This is where Chase started his hunt on Lara Croft..."

2nd season - 28th episode (Making a Deal)

"Next night Lara and Atlas were in some old lab of Atlas's in Brazil. Lara made a deal with Atlas where he promised to help this Lara before another will come back. After that promise Atlas suggested Lara to erase the memory of her talk with him about her ask. Because if old Lara will do remember that then Lara de Mornay will never see a chance to be free when Lara Croft will regain control. Atlas began the procedure with Lara. Meanwhile Natla decided to fly to Brazil to be closer with Chase after he will find Lara. During that time Chase was looking for Lara. Even if Lara is a wanted fugitive it still hard to find a person in the city. Apparently Lara and Atlas were in Rio. After the procedure Atlas advised Lara to prepare and go backseat after old Lara will return. Atlas brought Lara to some apartment of his in Rio to hide her. Lara told Atlas to watch over Elena and he promised to help her when the time will be right. During the flight Natla was reading some poems from one author that she knew back when he was alive. It's no wonder that Natla lives a hundread of years but changing her name, look, etc. One face but many names and looks of the same lady. In 21st century she started calling her Jacqueline Natla. Nobody knew her real name at all. Lara de Mornay felt that she was loosing her control and soon Lara Croft will be back. During this time Lara kept telling herself that she was here and she mattered. Right after all the flashbacks from before appeared before her eyes Lara de Mornay went backseat after the elixir expired it's magic. Now Lara Croft is back from the long time slumber. She was shocked and surprised at the same time. She was wondering about where is she. After Lara came out to the streets she started figuring out about her whereabouts. Then some shooting happened. Lara turned around and automatically took the gun she was hiding under the clothes. She shot some girl who probably was a mercenary and hunting on Lara as well as Chase is. Lara realised that she's in Rio, Brazil. But why is she here in the first place?.."

2nd season - 29th episode (Hunting on Lara)

"Next morning Lara was trying to wrap her head about what she missed for the long time. She later realised it's 2010. She was walking on the streets of Favela and then one woman was staring at her when she stopped. A woman then showed Lara her face on the brick wall with the word "wanted" on a poster. Lara then used a hoody to cover her face. Chase was in the neighbourhood. He noticed one woman similar to Lara's match in a hood and started walking after her. When Chase reached her he realised that it wasn't Lara. Later Lara herself blew her cover in front of Chase. Then Chase started pursuing Lara through the streets and back alleys. When Lara reached a dead end Chase came from behind and pointed a gun at her. Lara turned around to Chase only to say that he's not gonna shoot her. Chase asked her about what makes her so sure. Lara told him that she probably costs a lot more alive than dead. Chase was keeping silence and Lara was thinking about the options. Then she told him that whatever the people said about her who hired Chase is wrong and she's just trying to do the right thing here. Chase told Lara that he only needs a reward for her head. Lara then started asking him if this feels all wrong about it. Chase asked if this is the point where Lara tries to convert him. Lara answered that she would have if she could but it's not that easy. Lara told Chase that she's been framed and needs help. Lara was just buying a time while she was getting closer to Chase after she pulled down his gun. When Lara holstered Chase's gun she then said that she has a lot of catching up to do. For a moment Chase thought that Lara will kiss him but she just left him alone with thoughts. Lara did try to convert him after all. In the evening Chase came to Rio's hotel where Natla was waiting for him. He told her that he has doubts about Lara Croft been a terrorist. Natla started smiling and saying that why is this not surprising her. Natla asked Chase if he felt something to Lara. Chase answered that maybe he did. Then Natla decided to look for Lara herself. Natla was getting out from the hotel and going to the back alley to reveal her wings and fly into the sky. After some flying she found Lara on some alley. Natla landed on one roof and was watching after Lara's movement. Natla was wondering about what is Lara doing here and where was she all these last years..."

2nd season - 30th episode (Long-Awaited Meeting)

"A couple days later Lara found Atlas's hideout in Rio. There she saw her uncle talking with her daughter. Atlas gave Elena a present which was a small knife. Elena said that she wanted a doll but Atlas told her that the dolls are for the little girls and not little warrios. He also added that she's better than that where Elena told him that this doesn't feel any better. Atlas told her that she will. From the distance Lara saw herself in her daughter where Atlas was going to train her daughter just like he did with Lara herself. In that moment Lara relived all those moments with Elena during these last years. Seeing growing her up and all that child stuff made Lara wonder about her future. When Atlas noticed Lara he left Elena for a moment. He asked Lara about her judgement to train her daughter. And here Lara didn't feel any hate to her uncle and even told him to wait with Elena's training for a bit. Lara doesn't want to ruin her daughter's childhood. Atlas told Lara that he can wait for a better time. Lara told Atlas to keep an eye for Elena until she will finish some unfinished business. Later that day when Lara came back to Atlas's apartment she noticed that the door was unlocked. Inside the apartment Lara saw Chase sitting and waiting for her. Lara asked him about what is he doing here and Chase answered that he wants to know more about her. Lara decided to have a chat with Chase if that what he was looking for. She asked Chase if he has kids and Chase answered that he doesn't have any. Lara said that she never thought about having kids herself until now. She was telling Chase her story about being a mother. In the end Lara asked Chase if he's still planning to give her to those who hired him. Chase answered that he doesn't see a reason to be on the opposite side against Lara. He left his phone number to contact him when she will need his help. In the evening Lara was walking through some factory which was making an ice. And here Lara noticed a big ice mirror of something which started shaking. Then some woman appeared inside this ice mirror. This woman started telling that only she can see the future and Lara will fail in it and then the humanity will fall. Lara came close to recognize this woman. Without a doubt it was Jacqueline Natla. Lara told her that last time they met in Croft Manor where Lara was tied up in her own chair. Natla told Lara that she should have brought the Queen Elixir to her instead of keeping it to herself. Lara was looking for someting to break that ice mirror. Natla told Lara she will never stop hunting on her until she's dead. Lara asked Natla about what took her so long to find her. Natla answered that someone covered Lara's tracks to find her. Then Lara found a flamethrower and decided to use it. Lara asked Natla about any last words and Natla was just staring at Lara. Then Lara destroyed the ice mirror with a large flame. After that Lara knew that staying in Brazil isn't save anymore and it would be better for her daughter if Lara will move away from Elena to keep her safe..."

2nd season - 31st episode (Returning to London)

"It's been a couple weeks since Lara left Brazil leaving her uncle with her daughter. Before leaving Atlas mentioned Lara about a guy who can help her with her second personality. Atlas said that he met this guy during these last years while Lara was away. His name is Alister Fletcher and he lives in London. Lara decided to return to London knowing that she's wanted also London is very dangerous place for Lara after what she did 5 years ago. Lara decided to use one of the hostels in London and payed a room without any other guests but her. Where Lara first entered her room she found a cat who was probably living there for some time. Lara wondered that this companion would be a nice addition to her room. Lara decided to buy some cat's food for her new friend. After she went to the shop she noticed her wanted posters again and the news were still talking about her. Lara bought cat's food and quickly returned to her hostel's room before someone will recognize her. After Lara came back she wondered to listen some of her favourite music. Lara's favourite band is Lamb. She played the music and took a cat with her and went to watch the night London from the window. Next day in Paris, France there was something going on in the Louvre museum. Owners of the museum found a tomb in the basement floor without any initial carves on it. Nobody knows who's tomb is that but wondered that this tomb is having someone from the king's family. They decided to investigate the tomb. Meanwhile in London, Lara was sitting in front of the computers in her hostel's room. She was searching for Alister. He's the only lead that can help Lara to get rid of her second personality. Another Lara in the backseat didn't want to try and gain control of Lara anymore but still whispering inside her head. Close to the evening Lara found out where Alister will be so she could track him down from there. Alister was planning to visit some ancient exhibit this evening here in London. Lara decided to use that chance to meet him. Before leaving she was thinking to camouflage herself to get less recognizable. And here Lara used a cap on her head to cover her face. Later on the way to that exhibit Lara met some cop who was talking on the phone. He then turned around and noticed Lara but didn't recognize her and continued his talk on the phone. When Lara finally reached the exhibit she saw Alister who was going inside it. Lara then screamed Alister to his address and he turned his head to her side then stopped. He saw a girl who's head was tilted down. Alister couldn't see a face because of the cap but suddenly Lara raised her head to see Alister in the face and he could too. Alister recognized Lara. He asked her if she's the one that the news are talking about, some kind of terrorist. Lara answered that these rumors are exaggerated. Alister looked at Lara and then told her that she doesn't seem dangerous to him. Lara told him that he doesn't know her too well to make that judgement. Then she asked Alister if he wants to hear her story. Alister asked about what kind of story. And here Lara started telling a story about her family that started with her parents - Richard and Amelia..."

2nd season - 32nd episode (How Did They Meet?)

"The year of 1966. Richard Croft was helping the wife of his old friend Joseph Evert. His wife's name was Joanna Evert. Richard promised her that he will save him one way or another. One night Joanna asked Richard about his personal life. Richard answered that he was married once when he was young and dumb. It was the time when you choose either marriage or the job. So Richard chose the job. He was an archaeologist back then and spent over 10 years in this job. Joanna asked him if he ever remarried since then. Richard answered that he can't be because of his job which makes him to move a lot in different places all over the world so he took up the vow. Richard mostly was married to his job. And one day when Richard finally found Joseph, they both got out of the enemy camp alive. All this happened in South America. After Richard rescued Joseph and took him to his wife Joanna, Richard then noticed a woman who was swimming in the river. Later when she got out from the water Richard kept staring at her from the far distance. She was walking with the towel on her shoulders and then noticed a man standing on the cliff. This is how Richard Croft met Amelia de Mornay for the first time. Amelia was here on some vacation. A few days later in London, Atlas de Mornay visited his sister Amelia to give her a present. The present was a dress which Amelia liked. One evening she used that dress on for some ocasion. Then Richard and Amelia met again but already in London. Since their second meet they started seeing each other. And Richard was again on the verge between his job and his relationship. A year later in 1967 Richard and Amelia were dating in secret. Atlas was suspecting that everytime Amelia goes off to see someone. Richard asked one of his friend named Dino to listen Amelia phone calls behind her back. Later Atlas found out that his sister was dating Richard Croft. Atlas knew the reputation of Crofts and despised them for that. One day Dino asked Richard if he's in love with Amelia. It was the time when Amelia was in Croft Manor. While she was inside Richard was talking with his friend. Richard insisted on Dino to talk with him first then do something stupid later. Dino also added that her brother Atlas de Mornay doesn't really like him much. Richard admitted that he likes Amelia and this relationship is not what he expected but it grew deeper. Dino warned Richard that he's playing a dangerous game here. Amelia is from another rich family of de Mornays where Richard is a rival to her from the family of Crofts. But what is more powerful here - love or argues between rich families?.."

2nd season - 33rd episode (Treatment)

"Back to 2010. It's been a week since Lara met Alister. Now she's on experimental treatment that Alister is giving to her. Lara wants to get rid of her second personality and Alister said that her symptoms are very similar to the sickness called schizophrenia. So far Lara had no doubt about that fact that she's sick. Alister told Lara that they have been using the same amount of dose of treatment he was giving to her for the last week. Now he wants to move forward with the next experimental design. Lara agreeded to that even so while they were talking her second personality Lara de Mornay was talking about what she thinks about Alister Fletcher. But Lara ignored her and Alister launched another procedure of treatment. With the new experimental design of treatment Alister was giving advises to Lara to ease her pain while her second personality was bothered more and more unlike before. This procedure was doing something with her brain impulses. A couple days later Lara decided to take a break from Alister's treatment and she went back to her hostel's room. Lara received a message from her uncle Atlas to meet him in Tokyo, Japan. Atlas also mentioned that this is important and has something about Natla. Lara decided to check the background info about Chase Carver. He was an U.S. Navy SEAL soldier who is now became a mercenary. Lara didn't want to go to Tokyo alone so she contacted Chase where he could join in case if something will go wrong. At night Lara and Chase were in her old ship which Lara used as a cover to journey around the world. While they were going to Tokyo, Lara asked Chase about why did he betray his own people back when he was a soldier. Chase decided to tell a story of his to Lara. He wanted to be a hero so he joined the marines. But after a few years of duty he realised that they were doing some bad things and sooner turned to black ops. So Chase had a choice: either join the black ops or kill the rest of his squad and make him killed too to disappear. After that he realised that he's not a hero and became a mercenary. Lara was convinced of Chase's story. She told him that in Tokyo they should meet her contact who knows something about a woman called Jacqueline Natla. For some reason Chase paused for a moment and then asked about who are they talking about. Lara told Chase that she's planning to stop Natla from what's coming. Chase asked Lara about what is coming and she answered that they are about find out..."

2nd season - 34th episode (Love and Hate)

"Next day the ship arrived to Tokyo, Japan. Lara wanted to check on Chase and found him having nightmares while he was sleeping. She wanted to wake him up but suddenly he woke up and grabbed Lara's neck. Lara took the knife and put at Chase's neck. Chase told Lara that she shouldn't sneak up on people and Lara answered that he shouldn't scream in his sleep. Chase saw a point here and then stood up to get some clothes on. Lara was checking his body while he was putting a t-shirt on. Then Lara asked if he's a bit old for the nightmares and Chase answered that this is a battle brain. Sometime it happenes. Lara asked about how long was he enlisted and Chase answered that it was 9 years. Then he asked Lara back about how long has she been a professional killer. Lara acted with sarcasm and said that she's not. Chase told Lara that he did some background about her after they met in Brazil. Chase mentioned about the raid in de Mornay Industries where Lara took down a lot of people there. Lara told him that she would rather not to talk about it. Chase told Lara that he needs some shower and she answered that he can use it here on this ship. But Chase refused that meaning he wants to use a sauna since they arrrived to Tokyo. Later that day Lara and Chase were in one of saunas. But they didn't last long there because some guys interrupted Lara. They bothered her because they thought she's hot and wanted some nice company but Lara refused. And they insisted on her so Lara decided to kick their asses. Later Chase heard some noises in the next room and wanted to check. There he found Lara fighting with some dudes. He joined her fight to help her. After they done Chase advised Lara to leave the place. In the evening Lara asked Chase to go to one nightclub in Tokyo. Inside the nightclub Chase asked Lara about who they should meet. Lara answered that her uncle should be here in Tokyo. Lara also added that they will meet him tomorrow but tonight she wanted to unwind while she's in a nightclub. Natla was around. She was watching after Chase and Lara. Chase asked Lara if she really expect to see her uncle in a place like this. Lara told him that her uncle might be watching them from the distance like he used to watch after her before. Natla decided to act and used a hypnosis on Chase to make him seduce Lara. Chase kissed Lara and she answered to him. Then Chase told her to leave this club and go back to the ship. Later that night in the ship Lara and Chase were having sex. Sometime later Lara wanted to get some drinks while Chase was on the bed. Then Natla sent a thought to Chase to switch him into a killer. When Lara came back to the cabin with drinks Chase attacked her. He grabbed her neck and wanted to choke her but Lara used a bottle to break it on Chase's head. They had some fighting between each other. Then Lara asked Chase about why is he doing this. She said that she doesn't wanna hurt him but he insisted that he wants to hurt her. Lara asked him why and Chase answered that he has his mission and he's a good soldier. Then Chase knocked Lara out and took her to Natla..."

2nd season - 35th episode (Betrayal)

"Next night Lara woke up in a cell. This didn't seem like a prison in some police department or something else. Then Lara noticed Chase whose nose was bleeding and he was in pain. Lara was beaten up too after the fight with Chase. Later Natla came in to talk to Lara. She asked Lara about does she know why is she here. Lara was keeping silence and she was a little afraid. Then Natla added to Lara that she's here because Chase turned her in. Here Lara realised that Natla is the one who hired Chase to hunt her down back in Brazil. But was he still working for Natla after. Natla asked her guards to move Lara to another cell while she will deal with Chase. While Natla was torturing Chase, Atlas came to the place to look for his niece. When he found Lara, he took out the guards and grabbed her in his arms. Natla kept torturing Chase and asking him about is that so hard to track down Lara Croft and capture her. Chase was trying to resist the torture. While Atlas was holding Lara and moving away from Natla's hideout, Lara kept saying something about that Chase wasn't himself back then and Natla seemed to control him somehow. Lara kept saying and thinking about that. Atlas told his niece that it's time for her to go home and for him to fix her mess. After some torture Natla decided that Chase will still be useful for her after all. Lara wanted to know what Atlas wanted to say to her face to face here in Tokyo. But Atlas told Lara that he didn't send any message to her to call out in Tokyo. It was Natla's message to lure Lara out. Atlas told his niece that he needs her to live for her daughter. Next morning Chase was walking through the streets of Tokyo. Later he met Lara's uncle. Atlas wanted a little chat with Chase. He wanted to give Chase a lesson. So they started fighting with each other. Chase couldn't handle Atlas. After the fight Atlas warned Chase to stay away from Lara. But Chase refused to do it because they both knew that it was Natla. She once controlled Atlas who shot Richard back then and now controlled Chase to attack Lara. Atlas didn't want to hear any of this and used a stun baton on Chase to knock him out. Then Atlas said that his niece needs him back in her life. At night Lara wanted to leave Tokyo. She went back to her ship and found Chase in the cabin where they fought the other day. Chase said that he's sorry about what happened. Lara asked him if he did remember anything back then. Chase answered that he remembers everything. He claims that he was hypnotised by Natla. It wasn't really him. Lara paused for a moment and then said that it was her back then. She needs a time to think it over but right now it's best to split their ways for now. Lara asked Chase to leave her ship. Chase started regretting for what he has done to Lara..."

2nd season - 36th episode (Splitting Personalities)

"A week later Lara was in London. She was dreaming about Egypt and one archeologist who found a tomb with the mummy inside. When he used a flashlight on mummy it's started blinking and then a ghost was unleashed and possessed that archeologist. This woke Lara up and she was hearing her uncle who was calling her. Atlas told Lara to wake up. He wanted to show something to his niece. Later that day Atlas brought Lara to the far docks of London where there was a restricted area. There Atlas showed Lara the next generation of battleship. Atlas said that this ship belongs to Natla. Her people were building it for these last 5 years. Lara asked her uncle about what is Natla preparing for. Atlas answered that she's preparing for a war that is coming. After that Atlas brought Lara to some London's cafe. Atlas was making a tea and telling Lara that soon she will need her full team of what's coming. Lara asked him if he spared Chase's life back then. Atlas answered her that he teached him a lesson but right now Lara will need all the help she can get. Lara smiled and Atlas noticed her smile. Lara then said that it's time to see Alister for her next treatment. A few hours later Lara visited Alister and decided to continue her treatment. After Alister launched the procedure he left Lara alone for a while so she could talk with her second personality one on one. Meanwhile Chase was exercising in Tokyo. He still blames himself after what happened between him and Lara. Natla was reading a bible that was different from the bible we know. She was thinking about her next move. Lara de Mornay started talking with Lara Croft inside her head. Lara said that it seems that they now must part but she didn't know why now is the time. At the same time Alister came back and was checking on Lara through the window. Lara said a goodbye to her second personality and her treatment was complete. Alister told Lara that he finally extracted her second personality and she's now free on her own mind. In the evening Lara thanked Alister for all that he has done to her and now she wanted to stop running away from who she really is. But Alister interrupted her with the proposal where he wants Lara to be with him. For all this time while Alister was treating Lara he fell in love with her but kept hidden his feelings to her until now. Lara didn't know what to say to Alister..."

2nd season - 37th episode (Family Secrets)

"After Lara got rid of her second personality she decided to stay with Alister for a while. It's been another week since Lara was with Alister. They were having sex a few times while she was with him and Lara kept listening her favourite band - Lamb. Alister was happy with Lara around. Then one day Lara came back to her hostel's room and started digging about her family. And this is where all leads were coming to her mother - Amelia. A lot of stuff about her was classified. But Lara had luck to find a familiar face that was in Croft's family earlier. A man who served to Richard Croft. Lara started looking for her family photos. And later she found that man who served to Crofts as a butler. His name is Winston Jeeves. Lara wondered if he's still alive because he was the only lead to reveal some information about Amelia. When Lara tracked Winston down she realised that he was still living here in London. Lara decided to visit Winston. He didn't expect Lara to come but he did recognize her face. Winston said that Lara has her mother's eyes. Lara told Winston that she needs to talk about her family. She wanted to know what exactly happened between her parents. Winston told Lara that de Mornays family wasn't exactly a real family back when Richard met Amelia. Winston continued that Amelia de Mornay had a changed last name so as her brother Atlas de Mornay. Lara wanted to know who was her mother before she died. Winston revealed a secret that he kept all these years in Croft's family. He said to Lara that Amelia was an asgardian. Lara paused for a moment and then acted skepticall about that fact. She said that she's not ready to believe that. Winston said that it was humorous to think that their secret wouldn't be discovered by the enemy. Then Lara asked him about what her father felt about it. Winston answered that Richard found out that his wife was an asgardian later after she died. Lara also asked if Amelia was an asgardian then how did she get sick after all. Winston claimed that this sickness was probably not that simple. Somebody wanted Amelia dead. When Richard got close to the truth he disappeared and was presumed dead. Winston also added that nobody found Richard's body. It happened in 1985 where Winston lost everything that he mattered for. After Richard's gone Winston had no choice but to leave Croft Manor because Atlas took his niece Lara to himself away from Crofts. Later that day Lara decided to visit Croft Manor which was guarded by Natla's security. Lara took the stone from the ground and hit the manor's window where the alarm went on. The security guys went to check about what happened while Lara was watching their moves. Then she left the place. In the evening Lara got back to Alister and talked with him about her mother. Lara said that she's half blooded. Half human from her father Richard and half asgardian from her mother Amelia. Lara asked Alister if he knows what it feels like when your mother is gone when you were a child. Alister answered her that he knows the feeling because he lost both his parents when he was a child. This is where Lara found out that Alister is an orphan just like her. Alister added that Lara at least has her uncle. Next day in Tokyo, Chase was drinking while in Paris, Natla called the others like her to the meeting where she wanted to talk about her plan. When Lara left Alister, she was going back to her hostel's room but suddenly crashed on her bike on the way and hit her head. Thankfully the helmet kept Lara's head on her body. Later Lara asked her uncle to come to her hostel's room. After Atlas came Lara insisted on him to talk about her mother. Atlas told his niece that the time wasn't right to tell her the truth about her mother. He also added that when they both left Asgard before it was destroyed during the Ragnarok, they moved to Midgard. Lara stated that Midgard is how asgardians calls Earth. Atlas nodded and continued that they had an agreement with the London's goverment. So Atlas and Amelia got their new last names - de Mornays. Atlas became an MI6 agent and Amelia became a researcher in the goverment. This is how de Mornays became to exist in London..."

2nd season - 38th episode (Looking for Asgardians)

"Another week later Lara decided to call Chase and invite him to Alister's apartment. Alister asked Lara if she's sure about what is she doing. Lara answered that she is. When Chase came Lara asked him for a drink. Later in the evening Lara proposed a war with Natla. Chase looked back to Alister and he nodded that Lara isn't joking here. Lara said that Atlas warned her about something big is coming and it has something to do with Natla. So Lara decided to stop her but she needs help in that. She needs people for her upcoming war. Lara stated that she doesn't wanna win just one battle. She wants the whole bloody war. Then Lara asked if they are in. Alister was thinking for a moment but didn't have a cheerful face unlike Chase who seemed to be like to join this war. Chase told Lara that he's in and later Alister agreeded to join too. Then Lara made a call to her uncle so he could send a message to Natla himself. At night Atlas came to Natla's camp which was located in Sweden. He had a knife with him and was wondering if he could take a shot. But suddenly he changed his mind after she woke up. Natla asked Atlas about what is he doing here. He answered that his niece wants to go in a war with her. Natla said that she was expecting that and then she got out from her camp and Atlas followed her. Outside the camp Natla showed to Atlas her army. Thanks to Natla's long time friends she now has these creature warriors from different worlds for her war. Atlas said that he was surprised about it. Natla asked him about whose side is he on: her's or his niece's. Atlas suggested Natla to leave him out of this but she refused that. Then Atlas tried to bargain with her. He told Natla that he found a way to create a perfect enemy for Lara. Natla asked him if he really cares about his niece. Atlas decided to choose Natla's side and she wanted to hear more about Atlas's idea of his proposal in a future. Next morning Lara was tracking down the last survivors of Asgard. Atlas mentioned to Lara that not only him and Amelia got out from Asgard and moved to Earth but also some other asgardians. He also added to look for them in Norway. On her way to Norway, Lara first stopped in the police station in Sweden. Lara found out that her old teammate Zip was still alive and he was in prison all these years in Sweden. When Lara finally met Zip he got frustrated by her presence. Lara asked him about how is he doing. Zip angry answered that how does she think he's doing. Zip claimed that she killed Alvis and tried to kill him too. Luckily Zip survived that attack and now's spending his time in this prison. Lara told Zip that she doesn't have time to apologize. There is a war coming and she needs all the help she can get. Zip didn't want to hear all this. He told her to get out of here. Without luck Lara then left the prison and moved to Norway. On the way Lara picked a call from Alister who said that he found some place where asgardians might be hiding. Later that day when Lara arrived to Alister, he was staying with some man. Alister told Lara to follow this guy who can lead them to asgardians. Lara asked Alister about how can he be sure that this guy knows what he's talking about. Then this man revealed that he's one of them and Lara noticed a gun on his belt. Lara immediately took his gun out and pointed at him. Lara also added that she's tired and not making smart choices. Then Alister screamed to stop this. Lara looked at Alister and then give the gun back to this man. Then he said to follow them. Later they came to the place which they called The New Asgard. He also added that these are the last survivors of Asgard. Then the man asked Lara to join him in the camp and only her. Alister had no choice but to wait outside. Inside the camp the man started talking to Lara. He told her that a father once told him that a wise king never seeks out for war. Lara asked his name and he said that he's Thor - the son of Odin. Lara came close and told him that the war is coming and she needs help. Thor then said that he knows. Her pal Alister said that. Thor also added that he knows that Lara is half asgardian from the look he can tell. Lara asked him for help and Thor asked why does he want to throw his last people into her own war. Lara said that all she askes is to stop a woman named Jacqueline Natla. Thor then said that they better get prepared because she will come here. Lara asked him why and Thor answered that Natla was the one who helped to cause a Ragnarok in Asgard. And here Lara realised that she's planning to do the same here on Earth. Thor then asked Lara to prepare because tomorrow's morning will be bloody. In the evening Natla's forces were celebrating the beginning of the war. In the end Natla ordered the general of minotaurs to prepare his troops to battle tomorrow. The Shadow War was about to begin..."

2nd season - 39th episode (Battle in Norway)

"Next morning was a sunshine. Thor woke Lara up because he wanted to talk to her. He said that her guy Alister won't be joining her fight but instead came another guy. It was Chase. He told Lara that he didn't want to miss all the fun. Thor said to Lara that she must prepare for the fight but Lara insisted that she's ready. Then Lara told Thor that Natla's forces will come soon enough and they need a plan on how to fight her. Thor came close to Lara and told her that Asgard is not a place, it's a people. He won't do anything like she wants because she's not a leader here. Thor also added that he would love someone else to rule but it can't be her because Thor thought that Lara is the worst leader. Then he left the camp leaving Lara embarassed. Chase then asked Lara out to see the view. The weather was sunny. Lara was walking along with Chase and they were talking about Natla. Chase asked Lara if she will get a chance to kill Natla but Lara interrupted when she will get a chance instead of if. Chase told Lara to be with the piece in mind. Whatever happens today Chase told Lara to be sure in this because once this battle starts - there won't be turning back. Close to midday Lara and Chase noticed Natla's troops that were coming from the north. Then the general of minotaurs screamed and the army followed him with a scream. Chase told Lara that this is not a bad view for the possible end of the world and Lara said that it's not. There will be tomorrow one way or another. The New Asgard sent an signal to the camps to alarm the asgardians. Then Lara noticed Natla who was approaching to the cliff. Natla then said that she's not insterested in prisoners and ordered to kill them all. The general of minotaurs screamed and ordered his troops to follow him straight to asgardians. Lara then told Chase that they knew this wouldn't last forever and went back to camp. Thor told Lara that he will give her a chance to command of one of his group while he will lead another. This is where their groups split up. Thor's group went from one side and Lara's group went to another side. The battle became bloody. A lot of troops were killed in this battle from both sides. Asgardians were using weapons for close range and weapons for long range. Natla's troops had the same units for close range combats and long rage as well. Thor was using his Mjolnir against minotaurs. Lara and Chase were shooting their way through the minotaurs. Thor got a chance to fight with the general. Nobody would stand a chance against his Mjolnir. Then Thor decided to go after Natla and take his chance. After Thor pushed Natla with his Mjolnir on the ground he was waiting until his hammer will return to him but suddenly Natla catched the hammer. Thor said that this is not possible and Natla used Mjolnir against Thor. Then the thunder appeared and ligtining was so bright that it covered the ground. After the bright light nothing happened..."

2nd season - 40th episode (Prison)

"After the bright light Lara woke up in some cell. She didn't remember how did she get here. It seemed to be a prison of some sort but Lara never saw this kind of prison. Then the guard open the slot and told her prisoner's number and added that she's present and accounted for. Then Lara was sure that she's in prison but where exactly. That was the question. Meantime Alister was working with the Tree of Life that Atlas provided with him. Atlas was working on another seed so it can give life to another tree. This tree is the very same tree Atlas used before which gives the elixir of immortality. Alister told Atlas to update him everything he knows about that tree. Alister wanted any detail on it. At the same time Lara was trying to figure out on how to escape her cell and her cellmate next cell to her was trying to talk to her. Lara kept silence while she was looking for a way out and cellmate told her that she's not-talkative. Lara said that she's busy and looking for a way out but he interrupted her that no one escapes this prison. Lara said that she's not no one and she's on the schedule to save the world. But the cellmate told her to forget the outside world because she's now burried in hell. Atlas used some amount of the elixir from the young tree to flood the bathtub. Natla was watching his process. Then Alister came in to add Lara's DNA in the bathub which was filled with the elixir. They all were in some Alister's lab. Natla used her magic powers to use the elixir and Lara's DNA to make Lara's doppelganger. Then Lara's face showed up in the elixir. And after a whole her body got out from the bathub. Natla put her on the bed and asked Atlas about his next move. Atlas told Alister to place a personality into this body that he extracted from Lara before. After the success Lara de Mornay was born. Natla told Atlas to update her on Lara's double status. Atlas then told Alister to get out of here and also added that he shouldn't tell anyone about this. Next day Natla was dancing inside Croft Manor after the success on making Lara's double. Meanwhile Lara was freed from her cell and she could access the X-wing where all kind of prisoners were there: male and female. There Lara met Chase. Chase said that it looks like they both are alive. Chase also asked Lara about asgardians and she answered that she has no clue what happened during the battle in Norway. Lara asked Chase if he knows this prison. Chase answered that he's seeing this kind of prison for the first time. Meantime Atlas's people were dressing Lara de Mornay up. Later Atlas came in and asked Lara if she remembers him. Lara answered that he kept his word and freed her from his niece's mind and even made the body of her own. Atlas told her that she should be proud of that gift. Later in prison ship Chase was asking the prisoners about this prison and what year is it. Then he came to Lara and told her that they are in some cargo tanker which uses like a prison and they are in the sea. Chase also told Lara that today is the year of 2011. 6 months have passed since the battle in Norway. Lara was listening and trying to remember about what exactly happened in Norway. But she couldn't remember it. All Lara felt that they lost that battle and Natla probably spared their lives and put them here in this prison where no one will find them officially..."

2nd season - 41st episode (Twins)

"A week later Lara Croft got used to a prison life. She was in the cell with Chase who was sleeping. After Chase woke up he noticed Lara thinking about something. Chase asked her if she can't sleep and Lara answered that she can't. Not until they will take the ship over. Lara then added that if they somehow will take over the ship they might use those prisoners as an army to help them to stop Natla. Chase told her that this would be tough since those prisoners are hard to convince to join her war. Lara told him when they do they will finally deal with Natla and end this once and for all. Chase then asked Lara about how will they gonna do this. First Lara wanted to meet with the warden of this prison. Meanwhile Lara de Mornay was exploring her big battleship inside. For some reason she thought that she was dragged here on purpose. Lara didn't see anyone but her and tried to look for her crew. Then she started screaming for them so they would call back. But nothing happened and Lara started hearing her echo screams. For a moment she thought that she was alone here. Then Lara came back to her quaters. She felt lonely and have been thinking that she was betrayed. This battleship was like a prison to her. Later that day Lara Croft met with the warden. She knew Lara well since she was wanted for the last years. Lara asked the warden about how long is she here. The warden answered her that Lara had been in coma for the last 6 months. Some rich woman made the order to bring 2 new prisoners: Lara Croft and Chase Carver. They both were in coma. Lara asked her if she knows the woman who payed the money to her so she took Lara and Chase to this prison. The warden answered that this woman was Jacqueline Natla. After that Lara thanked the warden about the information and she wanted to come back to her cell but the warden interrtupted her with the question. She asked Lara if the charges are true or not against her. Lara didn't think much and answered straight that all she did had good reasons and she's not regretting it at all. The warden then said to Lara that she might transfer Lara to another wing where it would be safer for her. Lara then said that she will stay in the X-wing with Chase. The warden also asked Lara about the other prisoners because she couldn't protect her in the X-wing. Lara answered her that they used to the people who wants them dead - hasn't stopped them yet. At night in London, Alister was heading back home. When he came in to the apartment he saw some fog around the room and hearing some voice. It was Natla. She was trying to ask Alister to join her side. Alister refused her proposal. Natla told him that he will regret it and then the fog disappeared. Meantime in prison ship Lara met some prisoner who had connections around the wing. He recognized Lara Croft and didn't expect her to see here in prison. Lara told him that people like her get sent to places like this to be forgotten. She wanted to know the prison inside and out. At the same time in battleship Lara de Mornay found one of her crew staff member. She was glad that she's not alone in this big ship. A member asked Lara about her look while she was drinking the Queen Elixir. She looks so much like Lara Croft and Lara de Mornay interrupted her member that we don't say her name in here ever. Lara then added until she's dead. Judging by now they were actually twins..."

2nd season - 42nd episode (Deal)

"It's been another 2 weeks for Lara Croft in prison ship. This time the fight club event started in prison. This fight club was a tradition in this prison. Every year this fight club is choosing worthy prisoners to fight to gain a free jail card out of here. Lara was interested in this event. She decided to talk with Chase about this event. Lara wanted to get out of this prison and she asked Chase a favor. Chase told Lara that if it's better for her to get out then she should join the fight club. Meantime Lara de Mornay was getting used to be a leader of her own battleship and using her crew on its best. She was taking the control of the battleship and moving between the mountains in Alaska. There was a guy who was second in command after Lara who was asking her about her plans. He didn't want to go blind and asked Lara to share her plans with him. Like now Lara is trying to move over the big mountain which seems to be suicidal for them all. But Lara insisted that she's aware of her decisions because she made them. He was just afraid that she will gonna sink them along with the ship. But in the end Lara got the battleship out from these mountains. Lara then told her crew to set a course to the Pacific ocean. In the evening in prison ship Lara Croft had a fight with some prisoner so the people who runs the fight club in this prison would notice her in action. Then the warden ordered her guards to take Lara to her quaters. Later Lara was talking with the warden about joining the fight club. The warden didn't ask Lara to join this event. But Lara insisted that she needs it. Lara also added that she wants to go free but the warden said that this is not happening. She added that Natla payed a good price for her and Chase to keep them here. Lara told her that she only needs to keep one of them in here. So Lara made a deal with the warden. If she wins all the fights with all chosen prisoners - Lara will go free. In the end the warden agreeded with this deal. But if Lara will try anything stupid then the deal will be off between them. And next night the fight club event started. Chase was like a coach to Lara while she had her fights with all kinds of prisoners. After all the fights Chase congratulated Lara with her freedom. Every prisoners who watched her fights are now screaming her last name - Croft. The warden kept her word and concluded the deal with Lara's freedom..."

2nd season - 43rd episode (Face to Face)

"A few days later Lara Croft was in London. She spent these last days by watching after Natla. Lara wanted to know more about her. She was following Natla around and making up to her schedule. One day Lara decided to act and faced Natla in one cafe that Natla liked to visit a few times a week. Lara wanted to talk with Natla face to face. Natla was expecting Lara to show up. Lara asked her about the rest of asgardians. Natla answered that she destroyed Thor's hammer - Mjolnir. Then killed all asgardians in the area. Lara then told Natla that here she is and now the war hasn't ended. Lara added that the she lost a battle but not the war. So soon goes another battle and Lara advised Natla to get comfy because this is gonna be one hell of a party. While Natla was talking with Lara - she sent a signal to the nearest police station so the cops will come and arrest Lara. Natla then started talking about this bloody 21st century. She was talking about all the fun Lara missed like the middle ages, the tartars, the inquisitions, the floods, the plagues, etc. The list Natla could keep on while Lara was listening to her with a faked smile. Then Lara heard the sirens and quickly ran away from Natla. The London's police were coming after Lara. On the way she was changing her clothes and kept running away from the cops. Lara was running until she reached railway depot. When the cops came to the place they split up. Lara hid behind one train to try catch a break. Then she continued her run to escape the cops. Later that day in Sweden, Zip was watching the news about Lara's presence in London. At the same time Alister was watching the news about her when he heard knocks on the door. When Alister opened the door he saw Lara who was breathing heavily. Lara started yelling to Alister that imagine your life is a one thing, one version of the events when actually it all seemed to be so many lies and here Alister interrupted her because he didn't know about what is she talking about. Lara then told Alister that she doesn't have much time to explain but she failed back in Norway 6 months ago. Alister told Lara that he thought that she was dead all this time. Lara asked Alister to spend a night in his house until the heat will go down in London. Meantime in battleship Atlas was teaching Lara de Mornay on how to behaive herself. Suddenly he started to suspect that not only Lara's behavior is changing but also all the crew started to acting weird sometimes..."

2nd season - 44th episode (Gathering Forces)

"Next morning Alister asked Lara about what was she thinking. Lara answered that she was thinking about her parents who she misses the most right now. Alister then said that to have memories of those you have loved and lost is perhaps harder than to have no memories at all. Lara agreeded with Alister. Then she said the needs to leave him now. Later that day Lara came back to prison ship where she proposed a new deal to the warden. Lara payed to her up front half of the money to buy her trust. The warden had no choice but to agree and then asked about her role now. Chase then said that they want to train prisoners to use them in the next battle with Jacqueline Natla. The warden said that these prisoners can shoot and blow the things up but working together as a team would be problematic. Chase said that this is the only option. Chase and Lara can't bring down Natla's forces alone. After that Lara wanted to talk with Chase alone. Lara told him that 6 months ago she found a next generation battleship that Natla's people were building it. And this morning Lara checked those docks in London and didn't find that battleship. Chase told Lara that he will use his old connections to track this ship down and investigate it. Then Chase used a chopper to leave the prison ship and Lara stayed. It took a day for Chase to track down Natla's battleship. When he infiltrated the ship Chase didn't expect the size of that ship. It was huge and enormous. Chase couldn't find Natla herself but he did find Lara's uncle. Atlas was with the guards and asked Chase about what is he doing here. Chase wanted to talk with Atlas alone. Atlas told the guard to stay away from them. Then Chase whispered to Atlas that his niece is alive and she's getting ready to attack this ship. Atlas told Chase that his niece was alive before and asking Chase about what in god's name is he talking about. Chase then tried to jog Atlas's memory about who he is and the fact that they both had a fight in Tokyo 6 months ago. But Atlas was still acting like he didn't understand about what Chase was talking. Atlas also added that Chase should leave this ship now. Then Lara de Mornay showed up. This is where Chase got confused. Then Atlas told him that his niece Lara was with him all this time on this battleship. Lara came close to Chase and asked about who is he. Chase then said that she's the same. She's exactly the same as Lara Croft. Lara then told Chase to tell her that they will meet soon. After that Lara lifted Chase and throwed him to the exit. At night Chase came back to prison ship to talk with Lara. Chase told her that he was on Natla's ship and it's like a big city. He was sure that those prisoners they have isn't enough for that. They are gonna need a serious backup here. Lara asked Chase about involving the goverment here to ask for backup. Chase answered that this is worth to try. But he also added that he saw her. Lara didn't understand that. Chase told her that he saw her twin along with her uncle Atlas. Lara asked him about what is she like and Chase answered that her twin is powerful. She easily lifted him and throwed him at distance. Lara told Chase that they should move to the United States if they want goverment's attention on this war. Next day Chase told Lara that he will bring them the military outfits before they are gonna do their next move. Later Chase was heading to Sweden. There he visited Zip. It appeares Chase and Zip are know each other. Zip didn't expect Chase to visit him. He also added if Chase is have something to say to him. Chase then told Zip that could he really say something right after 8 years. He just wanted Zip to help him if he won't help Lara. Zip asked Chase about what is hapenning. Chase answered that all he wants is help. Chase knew that Zip will be released from prison next day and that's why he came today to persuade Zip to help him. Zip told Chase that he will think about it..."

2nd season - 45th episode (Battle in Pacific Ocean)

"Next day Zip was released from prison and he took the keys from the apartment in Paris, France that Chase gave him last day. In the evening Zip came to the apartment. He was looking around the rooms in its apartment. Then he used a teapot to make some tea. Zip was walking around the room and wondering about what Lara said 6 months ago and what Chase told him yesterday. He was trying to forgive Lara for what she did to him. Next morning Lara and Chase were dressed up as part of military to infilitrate the military base in the United States. Chase told Lara that the best way to get the goverment attention is just to surrender the military. Lara was looking around until she noticed some soldiers behind her and Chase faced another soldiers in front. One of them told them to get on their knees. Their cover didn't last long. Meantime Lara de Mornay on her battleship reached the Pacific ocean and there she saw the USA battleships that were having a training in the field. Lara told her uncle if this would be a great test in the field for her battleship against American ones. Atlas kept silence while Lara was preparing to attack those ships. Meanwhile in the military base the guards came in to the interrogation room where Lara and Chase were tied up. The lieutenant started asking questions about who they are. Lara kept silence while Chase was talking that they were just an officers from downstairs. The lieutenant then said that the officers without no ID who have no idea how and when to salute. Lara then decided to talk. She told him that their base has sent their battleships in the field to the Pacific ocean. She continued that those ships are in danger. There is a next generation battleship out there which might strike anytime soon. Lara de Mornay started attacking the American ships which caused a lot of attention. Soon in Washington the president was alerted about this ship which the military thought that this was some kind test field on them but now it's destroying their ships. The president asked if this could be an act of war. Then he ordered to move to Pentagon to know more about these events in the Pacific ocean. Meantime the base was on the alert and the guards left Lara and Chase alone. While they were tied up, Chase wanted to talk with Lara alone while they still can. Chase asked Lara when this war is over, does she want him to stay. Lara asked Chase if he really wants to stay with her but then one guard came in to the room and freed them and told them to get out of here. Lara de Mornay kept destroying the American ships while Atlas was watching it. Lara then said to Atlas that fireworks are a nice way to kick things off. This war is now became a well known thing since Lara made a pretty big fireworks. Meantime in the military base Lara and Chase were getting out. When they reached the field they noticed a chopper in the sky. There was a voice coming from the chopper who asked a permission to land. Chase asked Lara about who would have that be and Lara screamed that she didn't care about who that is and yelled that a permission is granted. When the chopper landed Lara and Chase got inside and flew away. When Lara saw that it was Zip she was surprised that he helped her. Lara told him that she's glad that he's here. Zip told Lara that she should thank Chase for that. Lara looked at Chase and he told Zip to fly to the Pacific ocean..."

2nd season - 46th episode (Destroying Natla's Influence)

"Close to the night Lara, Chase and Zip reached one American battleship. When they landed on the ship by chopper the soldiers were about to find out who came. Chase started talking that they came here to help them. They knew about this next generation battleship that attacked other ships here. Soldiers were keeping silence and Chase asked if they have a radio to contact with the Pentagon. Meanwhile the president of the United States was in the Pentagon along with the generals. He wanted to know the status of the ships that went in the test field. One of the generals told the president that only one ship left against this battleship that started an attack today. Then they received a message from one last standing ship. It was Chase Carver. He introduced himself to the Pentagon and asked for an assitance in this fight. While Chase was talking Lara decided to ask Zip and fly to Natla's battleship. Later when Lara and Zip reached this ship Lara asked for a permission to land and to talk to her twin. Lara de Mornay agreeded to invite Lara Croft into her ship. Lara then told Zip to stay in the chopper while she will go talk with her twin. Zip asked Lara since when she has a twin and Lara answered that this is a long story. Lara Croft came in to the long coridor and sat on one end. From another end Lara de Mornay was approaching. Lara de Mornay told Lara Croft that she knows all about her. Lara asked another Lara if she's her clone or what. Lara de Mornay answered that she's definetly not a clone. More like a twin sister because she's the one who took Lara's control for these last 5 years. Lara Croft realised that she was talking with her second personality here who is now in her own body. Lara de Mornay asked her sister about what is she trying to acomplish here. Lara Croft answered that she's looking for Jacqueline Natla. Lara de Mornay advised her twin to get back to her own ship because soon it will be destroyed as well along with her sister. Meanwhile Chase suggested the Pentagon that they need all the help against this battleship. But the generals didn't trust him and asked about what if he's a spy that was sent to this ship. They have been arguing for a moment. In the end Chase yelled that they need everyone here if they want to win this fight. If the people in the Pentagon will turn on each other than they have nothing. Chase was delivering a heated speech to persuade the president that they will need an air backup here. For now they will fight back against the enemy ship. When Lara came back Chase was worried about her leaving without telling him. He also added that she can't act like a lone wolf here. They need a leader but Lara refused to be a leader here and suggested Chase to take a lead while she will deal with her sister. In a couple hours Lara was preparing to infiltrate Natla's ship while Chase and the remained soldiers were preparing a ship to activate weapons. When the fight started, Lara along with Zip flew away. While Chase was distracting Lara's twin, Lara herself and Zip were approaching Natla's battleship. But their infiltration was ruined due to their chopper got hit. Lara and Zip crashed on Natla's battleship. Later that night Lara Croft woke up the quaters and she saw Lara de Mornay in front of her. The fight had stopped between ships. Lara de Mornay was talking with Lara Croft about how is she gonna destroy her twin. Lara Croft then told her that she wants to stop Natla and not her. Lara de Mornay told her sister that her uncle wants to talk to her. When Atlas came in he started fighting with his niece. Lara de Mornay was watching from the distance. While Lara Croft and Atlas were fighting he wanted to tell something to his niece. He mentioned some Natla's influence that is controlling this ship. People here are acting weird and obey Lara's twin orders. After Atlas took Lara down he whispered her that even Lara de Mornay had been manipulated and so was he. Lara then continued the fight with her uncle and screamed to her twin that she thinks that she's doing it all on her own. It's Natla's ship. Her influence is making people here to obey her. Later Lara de Mornay started feeling doubts about everything that she's been doing. And in that moment she heard Natla's voice in her head who was giving her orders. Lara de Mornay was trying to resist her voice and was going out of her quaters. Lara de Mornay was fighting through her guards who were obeying Natla's influence. Lara wanted to find the core of that voice. When Lara stabbed her uncle he fell down and then Natla's ghost appeared. She wanted to say to Lara that she shouldn't fight her all along. Natla suggested Lara just to give in and obey. Lara told Natla that she's gonna bloody end her. Meantime Lara de Mornay found the core of Natla's voice and destroyed it. In the end Natla's ghost was gone and all people in her battleship got rid of her influence..."

2nd season - 47th episode (Putting It All To Rest)

"Close to the morning Lara de Mornay kept killing her crew staff one by one when she was trying to find Natla. After getting rid of her influence Lara wanted to take her down. Lara Croft contacted Zip and told him to get another chopper. Natla's battleship has a big cargo hold with lots of helicopters. Zip picked one and was waiting for Lara. Atlas told his niece to wait for him in a helicopter. After Lara killed all her crew staff she was sitting between the dead bodies. She felt desperate because of been manipulated by Natla. When Atlas found Lara de Mornay he told her to leave this ship immediately. Atlas helped her to escape then returned to Lara Croft who was waiting for him in the helicopter along with Zip. Later on sunrise Lara, Atlas and Zip came back to the American ship and Lara told Chase to prepare a final shot to Natla's battleship. Lara in her mind said a goodbye to her twin and ordered Chase to take a shot. When Natla's battleship was destroyed Chase reported to the Pentagon that the enemy ship was destroyed. The president of the United States thanked everyone for what they had been through. After that Lara asked her uncle to take a walk on the beach which was nearby. They were on the beach of Mexico. Lara told Atlas to talk. Atlas started talking about Natla's plan. He was telling about her battleship which she was building for 5 years and her army that was obeyed her via her influence. Lara asked about Natla's influence. Atlas answered that Natla used her magic to create her presence in her voice. Lara asked like an AI and Atlas answered that it was more sentient magic she used. With her influence Natla lead her battleship with Lara's twin help. Lara told him that since her twin is dead along with her ship then Natla got no more options now. Atlas told Lara that her ship and using Lara's twin as a puppet was a great distraction from her real plan. Lara asked Atlas about why did he didn't kill her twin. Atlas answered that he helped Natla to create her. Lara asked why and Atlas answered that before Lara regained her control back in Brazil her second personality asked him a promise that he will find a way to free her from Lara's body. Lara asked him about what is she. Atlas answered that she's part of her. More like her opposite side of Lara herself. Lara then started walking with Atlas and he asked her about her next plan. Lara answered that she will get ready for her next battle with Natla. Atlas told her that Natla will come, will outnumber them and outweapon them. Lara also added that she will outbitch them. Atlas stopped Lara and asked her about is she planning to survive. Lara paused for a moment and then answered that she doesn't planning to survive. Meantime Natla felt that she lost her influence and lost her battleship. The distraction plan was successful and then she started remembering her times when she was talking with Atlas when Richard and Amelia Croft were alive. Back then Natla knew that Atlas was an asgardian. He lives already for 3000 years. And their lifetime is close to 5000 years. A few days later Lara came to London. She wanted to check Croft Manor. There was no Natla's guards now. Lara was running to the garden where Richard's grave was. There close to the trees she found some casket which was burried not deep underground. Inside that casket Lara found a ring which belonged to her mother - Amelia. Back in 1972 Richard asked Amelia to marry him..."

2nd season - 48th episode (The Egyptian God)

"It's been a couple days since Lara destroyed Natla's battleship. Lara along with Chase, Zip, Alister and Atlas were in Alister's lab in London. Atlas was telling a story to all of them about how did he obtain the Tree of Life in the first place. It happened in 1995 where Lara was in her 20s. Atlas found some seeds which were dead but he could revive one seed which gave birth to the Tree of Life. But Lara was curious about that small tree which gave the forbidden fruit. Lara accidently tasted a fruit herself and it gave her a voice which was in Lara's head since then. Atlas came close to Lara and told that this is how Lara got sick with her second personality which was extracted and placed to her twin with Alister's help. Lara then turned to Alister and asked him if he was involved in that plan with Atlas too before they met. Alister didn't want to lie to Lara so he answered her that Atlas contacted him before they met in London. Atlas told his niece that all he wanted is to set free her twin. Lara told Atlas that since her twin is dead all that's left is Natla. But where she might be. Atlas suggested Lara to go to Paris. There should be hiding Joseph Evert. He's the father of Amanda Evert whose daughter was killed by Lara Croft. Atlas told Lara that Joseph should know Natla's hideout. Lara asked her uncle about why didn't he know her hideout as well. Atlas answered that Natla didn't trust him enough for that matter. After some research with the Queen Elixir and it's tree Alister suggested to Lara and Atlas to stick with the new plan. This elixir will prevent people from aging and dying. Lara told Alister to do whatever he sees right but she must go to Paris. Lara decided to take Zip with her. Next morning Lara was in Paris. Thanks to Atlas's intel Lara found Joseph. He was armed with a pistol and waiting for Lara to show. She didn't have time so she started asking questions about Natla's whereabouts. Joseph told her that he can't say anything about it. Lara was impatient and she shot Joseph. Then Lara was asking about what Natla is waiting for and what's her game. Before Joseph died he told her to look for her answers in the Louvre museum. In the evening Lara infiltrated the Louvre and Zip was looking at the museum from his apartment that was a gift from Chase. Lara was looking at the old pictures and later she found a mummy with the towel on its face. Lara wondered to look and took off the towel from mummy's face. She used a flashlight to shine its face and the happened a bright light and something happened. Lara felt different after that. She then turned around and noticed egyptian burqa and wondered to dress it on. A moment later Lara was dressed up in its burqa. She started messing up in the museum. Later Zip heard the sirens. The police was approaching to the Louvre. Zip wanted to use a binocular to watch on what happened. Lara was acting weird and she was trying to find something from the artifacts that she was throwing by her mind. The cops decided to catch this thief in burqa. After Lara got into the trap the cops catched her and they knocked her out. Next morning Atlas came to Brazil to his hideout. There was his another niece Lara de Mornay along with her daughter Elena. Lara's twin was alive thanks to Atlas's help. Meantime in Paris, Lara was interrogated by local police but she was keeping silence. Later Natla came in and sat in front of Lara. Natla didn't say a word and so as Lara. They were looking at each other. Natla noticed something wrong with Lara. She was like possessed by something or someone. Then Lara was moved to her cell. There one cop pointed a gun at her. He told her that he has a daughter of her age and if she would have done the same what Lara did in the Louvre he would have kill her. Lara then looked at his eyes and told him to shoot her but he became afraid of her and she took him out and then got out of her cell..."

2nd season - 49th episode (Two Sides Of The Same Coin)

"A week later Lara received a message from her twin to meet her in Taj Mahal that is located in India. Lara thought that she dealt with her twin. Next day Lara came to Taj Mahal and met her twin. Lara de Mornay said hello and this triggered Lara Croft to attack her but her sister did use her mind to throw her to the wall. Lara de Mornay told her that she missed her. Lara Croft asked her about why did she bring her here. Lara de Mornay answered that she wanted to be alone with her sister. Lara Croft then asked her about why did she kill Alvis. Lara de Mornay asked who and her sister clalified that her monk friend who she killed right here in Taj Mahal more than 5 years ago. Lara de Mornay told her that she shouldn't count her dead friends just yet. Then Lara Croft asked about her father and Lara de Mornay answered that her father has a proud daughter. Lara Croft then told her that her father is her father as well since they are twins. Lara de Mornay then yelled and attacked her sister. Like from one of Atlas's story about two wolves which was matching perfect in the fight between Laras. They were two sides of the same coin. During the fight Lara de Mornay grabbed Lara Croft's neck and said that she remembers Alvis and also addded that he's dead. While they were fighting between each other they also shared their memories. Lara Croft then put a hand on her twin and something happened. Lara de Mornay then noticed Alvis Akari who was standing in the distance. Lara couldn't believe for a moment that he was alive. Somehow Lara could bring Alvis back from the dead. Alvis asked about the reckoning night. Lara Croft then told Lara de Mornay to make a deal. They both will stop trying to kill each other long enough to kill Natla. Lara de Mornay then asked her sister about how did she make Alvis back. Lara Croft answered her that since her visit in Paris she feels different now. In the evening Lara was in her own ship along with Chase and Alister. She told them that her twin is alive and they made a piece to fight against Natla. Chase asked if Lara knows how to stop Natla and Lara answered that she doesn't know yet but she will. But they have to hurry up because time is running out. Lara told them that Natla destroyed her own world Asgard and she's planning to destroy this world as well. Alister reminded Lara that they still have time. Chase told Lara that they will fight. Lara then said if they with her. At night in Paris, Natla was meeting with her elite force to prepare for Ragnarok event. She told them that the time has come. She will summon Nergal to cause the Ragnarok here on Earth..."

2nd season - 50th episode (The Enemy Of My Enemy)

"Next morning Lara was seeing Alvis. She was glad that he's back from the dead. She told him that there are things she wanted to talk about but right now she needed a favor. Alvis said that she can ask everything. Lara told him that she probably awakened some ghost back in Paris. She also added that she found some egyptian tomb and its mummy. Alvis said that he will find out about it. Later Lara asked Chase to go to their prison ship and motivate their prisoners to pick a fight. Prison ship was parked near the Paris docks. Lara was delivering her powerful speech to the prisoners. After that Lara told Chase to arm them all because they needed to go. Later that morning Lara along with Chase and armed prisoners were going to Natla's lair. Lara's plan was to plant explosives and destroy the lair. When they were done Atlas was trying to disarm those explosives then Lara showed up and asked him about what is he doing. Atlas turned around and told his niece that she's making a mistake and they can't win this war. Lara then said that he's wrong. Atlas then came close to Lara and told her that she can't fight for something unless she knows what she is willing to lose. Then Chase interrupted them and Lara knocked Atlas out. Chase grabbed Atlas and with Lara they got away. Their army returned to the prison ship. Later that day Atlas woke up in prison cell and Lara came in. Atlas then told his niece that she had no idea of what has done today. Atlas was talking about the end that Natla will bring to this world. Lara asked him about the Ragnarok. Atlas answered that it will happen tonight. Lara then left Atlas's cell. After that Alvis informed Lara about the meeting in one restaurant of Paris. In the evening Lara came to that restaurant and she thought that she was waiting for Alvis but he didn't show up. Instead some stranger sat in front Lara. He told her that he was watching her all this time since her war with Jacqueline Natla. Lara asked about who is he. He answered that she can call him Michael. He also added that he has a faith in Lara that she will stop the Ragnarok which will be happen tonight. Lara asked Michael about what he knows about Natla. He answered that she's using a name Jacqueline Natla now in 21st century. Meantime Natla was coming back to her lair along with her elite force. But the lair just exploded before her eyes. Natla became desperate and she was sure it was Lara's doing. Michael was explaining that Natla's real name is Eve. She's the fallen angel that served heaven before. Lara asked if she served a God but Michael insisted on Lara to prepare of what's coming then he disappeared. Natla flew to Alister's lab. There she found Alister and took him hostage. Then she sent a message to Chase to help him. Later when Chase came there he got caught too. Then Natla sent a message to Lara from Chase to help him. And later that night Lara came to Alister's lab and got into the trap same as Chase did. Natla then started talking that ever since she saw Lara the last time she got sure that she was possessed by someone. Lara didn't pretend like she didn't know. Natla then continued that Lara awakened the egyptian god of chaos called Seth. Lara then told her that she knows her real name. Lara called her Eve and now Natla didn't want to wait any longer. She started reading some spell while Lara, Chase and Alister were watching. Lara was trying to scream to stop Natla from doing it. Natla then told her that she's not worthy to be possessed by Seth and then she exhaled that deep that Lara began to choke in her next breaths. Then Seth left Lara's body and flew away. Natla was reading another spell until Nergal arrived to this world. While it was happening Lara told Chase that Nergal is the key to stopping her. Chase told Lara that she doesn't know that but Lara insisted that she does know. While they were arguing Nergal came in to this world and screamed his name. Everyone were frozen from his look. Zip was flying by chopper in Paris. He was witnessing some fight between Natla's elite force and someone else's army. It was slaughtering. Natla told Nergal that the time for another Ragnarok has come. But Nergal decided to betray Natla and kill her. He sent a massive fire to burn her wings to make her human before he could actually kill her. Natla didn't expect that and was forced to the pool. Then Nergal turned around to the captured people Lara, Chase and Alister. But something happened next. Natla was still alive and she was reading spell backwards to send Nergal back to the world he came from. But Nergal didn't want to return alone and he used his power. The glass got broke and Lara couldn't do anything but fly paralyzed toward Nergal. Alister and Chase couldn't do anything but watching Nergal's taking Lara back to his realm. The time has stopped and Lara was levitating to Nergal to see another world he came from..."



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New wallpaper


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Another new wallpaper for the upcoming 2nd season of Tomb Raider series featuring Lara Croft and her Twin


Find out who is who

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A Tale About Two Wolves

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Here comes 1st Poster to the upcoming 2nd season of Tomb Raider series


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This is a 2nd Poster to the upcoming 2nd season of Tomb Raider series

"Wanted: Dead or Alive..."

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Richard and Amelia

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Help You?

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Lara's Enemy

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