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lcroft_lc 29-05-15 17:11

Developer: Dontnod Entertainment
Publisher: Focus Home Interactive
Genre: Horror RPG
Platforms: TBA
Release Date: TBA



Remember Me developer Dontnod has revealed its next game Vampyr, an upcoming horror RPG published by Focus Home Interactive.

The game was revealed in a tweet by Focus Home Interactive's UK PR agency Dead Good Media featuring the first piece of artwork.

The game is set just after World War One and players will take on the role of a doctor. He returns home while the Spanish Flu is going around, and is bitten by one of his patients. That bite transforms this doctor into a vampire.

Apparently the Y in the name relates to the choices in the game where the doctor faces moral quandaries as his doctor side tries to heal, while his vampire nature wants to kill and feed. The tag line for Vampyr is ‘Take blood. Save a life’. Choices won’t be clear cut with DONTNOD either. Vampyr also sees DONTNOD trying to start up a second development team within the studio so more projects can be worked on. Vampyr is still in early development so no release date has yet been confirmed.

DONTNOD are currently in the process of releasing Life Is Strange.


DOPE 29-05-15 17:18

Thanks for making a thread, I'm looking forward to that, those guys are talented as ****!

Wooxman 29-05-15 17:29

Good to know that not all modern vampires sparkle. :D But the best vampire game still is Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines. :cool:

Nemo_91 29-05-15 17:29

Getting Vampire: The Masquerade vibes.

tomblover 29-05-15 17:43


Originally Posted by Nemo_91 (Post 7355694)
Getting Vampire: The Masquerade vibes.

Closest we'll get after the WOD MMO was cancelled on us, I suspect.

Love2Raid 29-05-15 19:17

'Just revealed'???? I'm pretty sure I've heard of this before, only I forgot where. :p

Oh, I see, the article is 4 months old. :vlol:

Caesum 29-05-15 19:19

Yes please. Just. Yes.

lcroft_lc 29-05-15 19:44


Originally Posted by Love2Raid (Post 7355812)
'Just revealed'???? I'm pretty sure I've heard of this before, only I forgot where. :p

Oh, I see, the article is 4 months old. :vlol:

But they didn't have much info that time period. Article vastly updated today.

Love2Raid 29-05-15 19:56

Yes, I know. :D
Looking forward do this btw. :tmb:

ECB 30-05-15 23:49

Sounds intriguing, do you all think the game will be released to consoles or strictly PC?

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