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AdrielRaider 10-02-20 22:48

Doubt changing fog colors
I am having an issue about changing fog colors using the trng. Actually i was experimenting about some effects in a level and found this problem, or limitation (i still dont know if what i want to do is possible).

- I started a level with a distance fog in a color that i wrote in a script color 1

- When Lara goes indoors i turn on volumetric fx because i want to use fog bulbs for a effect in some areas. I use this with a flipeffect to change the color of the fogs to color 2.

- When Lara goes outside i turn off volumetric fx so that distance fog is enabled again, but know the distance fog is in color 2. Based on that i wanted to make a trigger so that the fog can go back to color 1.

I just got to change distance fog for colors that are on that default list (aqua,red,blue,orange, etc...).

I tried using the flipeffect trigger with "SPECIAL.Disable all fog bulbs(to enable newly set a color)" but it still does not make the fog back to color 1. Is it possible to make a fog change color back to my scripted color or i just can use it with the default ones?

SSJ6Wolf 10-02-20 23:38

Do you use the same flipeffect to change the distance fog back to color 1? I believe that is what you need to do, I don’t think the default script value will be used again when you start changing it.

Baslakor 11-02-20 01:32

As far as I know you can only change the fog color to a couple of presets. If you disable/enable fog, it goes back to your latest selected color. Would also love to know if there is a way to work around this..

Joey79100 11-02-20 04:56

FLEP allows you to customize the colors of those presets (because they're embedded in the engine). :)

AdrielRaider 12-02-20 23:16

Well, in my case it would be nice to be back to the color 1 which is the outside fog color effect but i really cant because i didnt find any way to work that around.

I am doing like a very cold effect for the outside and inside some places i am using the fog for a bloom like effect in some objects. So i need to keep changing the fog colors and effects depending on which type of scenario lara is in.

It seems like a simple thing but i didnt find it possible through the actual trng engine or using the resources i know. I can always just use the limited fog colors range within the engine if i want to change then but it would be much
better if we had limitless options to change fog colours throughout the level.
When i think of it, it seems like a simple issue that theres no workaroud within trng alone. I will keep using the limited range and i will try some workarounds to this in the future.

Matie 12-02-20 23:53

Unfortunately it's not possible without FLEP. There is a workaround, it's not very convenient though. You need to make another entry for the level in the script (with the updated fog colour) and do a leveljump within the same level. It works well if it's only one or two leveljumps, but if it's several between inside and outside rooms, that makes it complicated and not worth it I suppose.

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