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frankky 14-02-21 08:26

Hello everybody

I wanted to ask something.

In my project I have a Switch with the writing OFF / ON, before Lara activates it it is on OFF, I would like this switch to be already positioned on ON.

Question: What is the trigger to use to display in the game already ON?

Note: I don't know if I made myself clear, in game it must already be ON

Hello and thanks

Craig Michaels 15-02-21 07:32

I'm not sure whether this would help, but could you perhaps simply switch the textures saying "ON" and "OFF" and put this in a separate switch slot if you need some switches to start off and others to start on?

Richard_trle 15-02-21 09:39

I don't know if I got it wrong, but you want to set a default state where the switch is showing on.

If you want the switch to show on/off, you can actually use something similar to a real world kill switch,

You can use several approaches to achieve that, for example as Craig mentioned above, you can simply use textures, but in different slots.

You can also use a switch object with two meshes, the first mesh is just the case and the second one is the lever/button, this object has the two textures, on/off. Then you position the switch where you want it to be.


if you simply want the switch enabled would activating its bits set it to turned on? I'm unsure 🤔

PedroTheGamer 15-02-21 11:22

Hello frank, your question is very confusing, did you say your switch was to is "OFF" and your want It ''ON"?
If that's the case and you just use the flipeffect meshes of your button that makes it switch straight to "on" as you want. But I will certainly try to help in some other way. ;)

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