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Cog 06-06-08 23:16


Although, I wonder if it will be intelligent. Perhaps it will telepathically speak to Lara? On second thought, no. I won't be happy unless it sounds just like Tony Jay, and if it does then I'd be angry they copied and pasted from LoK

Ward Dragon 06-06-08 23:16

Awww, now I feel all creeped out and disgusted at the thought of Paris Hilton being in a TR game :yik: :vlol: I'll take the normal octopus monster, thank you (it's more attractive by a long shot) :vlol: :D

Edit: Oh dear god, the mind control is hilarious :vlol: I love how her eyes are all messed up, too :D

Obscure 06-06-08 23:16


Originally Posted by tlr online (Post 2757477)

It's certainly an improvement from the old Paris :tmb:

oocladableeblah 06-06-08 23:17


Originally Posted by Cog (Post 2757480)

lmao the best one so far :vlol:

KC Mraz 06-06-08 23:18


MiCkiZ88 06-06-08 23:18

LMFAO! :vlol: *fells of chair*

Loving the name. Just brilliant. :D

tlr online 06-06-08 23:23


iamlaracroft 06-06-08 23:29

The next chapter after TRU will be entirely based around Lara struggling with the wall placement of Underpus in her trophy room after she has 'em taxidermied.

"Like, on the left? Or, like, you know, on the right of T-Rex?"


Yuna´s Wish 06-06-08 23:30

:vlol: Very nice people :D I really like what you did to Underpus...


And I love your last one too Cog! The one about why she can´t make it to the ledge :p

tlr online 06-06-08 23:31


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