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Tomb_Builder 02-05-11 15:05

I can confirm Lara is now always shown in a title level, even without the "ShowLaraInTitle=" entry in the script.

Topacio 02-05-11 15:21

@Mr. Raymond: I don't confuse the things.

I test a title level with version and don't appear Lara in the title, because by default isn't showed. But with this new version ( is showed always, and I tried remove the show with ShowLaraInTitle= DISABLED in Option section, but it doesn't work. If you don't believe me, you try it, and later speak about it.

About the Roli's problem, in the past I use that command, and did rare thing, putting incorrect amount in some slots. I think it's a bug.

@Tomb_Builder: Thanks for confirm it :hug:

Bye :D

Raymond 02-05-11 16:06

This was a misunderstanding, because your first post wasnīt so clearly understandable. Now I understood.

-Roli- 02-05-11 16:26


Originally Posted by raymond (Post 5386904)
how do you see, that there are -19201 ammos? If you see it, then you are already in the inventory.
But there is some issue with the hotkeys after you use the equipment-command for ammo. With the shotgun you couldnīt shoot, but no crash

When using the cust_show_ammo_counter :)

Raymond 02-05-11 16:41

Thanks! The shotgun ammo is still at 0 with using the shotgun hotkey. So this results in Lara not shooting obviously.

-Roli- 19-05-11 11:25

Not sure it is a bug, but very annoying:

If you using ADD_LIGHT_BLINK in the Addeffect command, then your customized flare will appear too :confused:

Titak 19-05-11 14:26

I had this happening once with one of the ADD_LIGHT_*** effects but then it also disappeared again after a while. :confused:

Raymond 19-05-11 15:14

Wrong! The customized flare itself doesnīt appear, but the Glow Light-part of it, if you use it. So, please, be precise in your description and itīs also very helpful, to experiment around the bug appearance a bit. It seems only to happen with the blink light-addeffect.
I guess, itīs due to the new addition of ADD_LIGHT_GLOVE in the last update (unfortunately not mentioned there). With this you can add such a Glow Light to all objects.
Will be reported to Paolone.

Titak 19-05-11 15:19

I had it in another earlier TRNG version.
Can't remember if I also had the sparks effect then but the glow was certainly there.
Unfortunately I haven't been able to reproduce it for testing. :(

Shakira Croft 19-05-11 16:35

I tried to open my prj in MapConverter2 but it doesn't open.. "Error 380"
What's wrong :confused:

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