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Titak 19-05-11 16:38

That question would be better at its place in the TRNG general chat thread since it is not a confirmed bug.
Not yet anyway...

As for the answer:
I have no idea.
In fact, I don't even know what MapConverter2 is exactly. :o
I only know about MapConverter.

Shakira Croft 19-05-11 16:47

Acutaly my old computer crashed and when I installed TRNG on my new computer MapConverter appeared in my Tools section instead of MapConverter so I don't know what the difference(s)

(Sorry for the wrong section)

Raymond 19-05-11 16:53

No idea about the error. Experiment a bit with different prj etc.
Mapconverter2 is right.

Shakira Croft 19-05-11 16:58

Others prj are ok...
I made a new prj with a new wad and new TGA and when I open it in MP2 I got this error :S

Titak 19-05-11 18:21

I don't seem to have MapConverter2. :confused:
All I see in my TRNG folder is the regular MapConverter.

*runs to use Windows "search" feature*

-Roli- 22-05-11 07:49

When you are using gamepad/joystick then totally random freezes in the custom savegame panel. You just can't use the gamepad in the custom savegame panel sometimes. :confused: With keyboard no problem at all.

About the freeze i'm only mean the move and the action buttons, not the full system freezes.
When you are going back to the inventory menu or the game then the gamepad works fine again... Then go back again into the sg panel, then again problem.

(This bug appear approx "3 times from the 10")

Shakira Croft 30-05-11 21:38

Does anyone of you has bugs with floor_mirror with the update ?

Titak 30-05-11 22:44

I have a floor-mirror in my manor gym and it works fine.

What's the problem you are having with it?

Shakira Croft 30-05-11 22:54

Actually, my animating objects are not reflected in the mirror

Titak 31-05-11 08:18

Not a bg as far as I know, so better post in a seperate thread or the general TRNG chat thread so we can help figure out what could be wrong.
Then, if it does turn out to be a bug it can be posted back here. (this is not really a help thread.)

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