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Titak 30-01-12 12:00

I think I'm using it in the script.
But I'll have to check when I get back home.
I'll then edit this post.

**** EDIT ****
Yes, I am indeed using that entry in my script.
I have now removed it and uploaded the script for people to test in my game.
See my Mists of Avalon thread.

**** EDIT 2 ****
Three people who were having problems with the controls have tried the new script and the problems are gone.
I'll add to this post whenever others have tried the script and report their findings.

Good find Bogey! :tmb:

teme9 30-01-12 21:54

Im not sure is this mentioned anywhere, but I wasn't able to find a mention in the TRNG scripter.

Param_show_sprite cannot be shown when there is flyby camera active. The effect isn't drawn on the screen. I would like really much of the ability of having sprite effects on screen when there is flyby going on. (think all the splatter effects and such! :cln:)

TheTiger 30-01-12 22:12

Bogey @:

I indeed used this command, i will remove it and post a new script later, thanks for the find! :tmb:

teme9 30-03-12 04:31

Im having a small problem with my title fmv. The fmv plays fine and without problems, but as soon as it ends it won't stay in the title menu. It "mimics" pressing action and starts the game by itself.

So I was wondering, that does anyone else have anything like this?

my script currently for it is this (it is in the title section)
FMV= 2,1
Customize= CUST_TITLE_FMV, 2, 0

I've triend changing the number 0 -> 1 in vust_title_fmv, also changing the 1 in fmv=2,1 -> 2,0. These did not really help.
I've also tried to take away these FMV_PRE_CACHE+FMV_LONG_BLACK_RESTART and tried them alone without the other one. I also tried the shorter version of the restart.

Am I missing something :p?

Raymond 30-03-12 13:44

I used your script. No problems on my side. After the fmv it went back to the title.

teme9 31-03-12 06:37

hmmm... Odd.
Oh well. I found out that the "title" suits better if it is used as a intro when the level is loaded :D

TR-Freak 05-04-12 11:07

The Settingsflag
forces 16 bit mode when running the game even when you set a 32 bit resolution.
When deleting this flag, it's okay again.

tomb2player 21-07-12 00:52

What is the limit of total texture pages per one level? It's shown in Level Converter as " Found x Texture Pages " . It contain all textures from TGA file and all textures from WAD. But what is the limit? Now i have 91 texture pages in my level and all works fine, didn't noticed any bugs.

Titak 21-07-12 08:26

That limit depends on other things as well, like the amount of objects in the wad, the amount of objects placed, the detail per object, the detail in the roomgeometry (how many triangles there are) how many rooms there are...

So you can't really tell what the limit for texture pages is.

One of my MoA levels had 3000 textures but "only" 97 texturepages in the wad and it started crashing when I added more texture to the wad.
One of my other MoA levels had 104 texturepages, but way less than 3000 individual textures, in the wad and in crashed when it reached 105.
Both levels do contain a lot of (detailed) objects but don't have many rooms.
The TGA of that "97 pages in the wad" level contains less texturetiles than that other one.

disapearing-boy 26-07-12 13:01

I tried using the add_gun_shell command, nothing appears in game when applied to the crossbow object. Is this a hard-coded problem? I tested it on the sixshooter slot and it works perfectly so I guess it's not possible with the crossbow.

Here's my script:

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