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tomb2player 01-07-15 14:10

Yes, but there is solution for this problem in TRNG: "CUST_CAMERA" or something like this script. You need to change using this script distance of camera from Lara. The best way is to make proper screenshot from one of classic TR's where camera is working properly on 4:3 mode and by comparing try to set correct value in this script to make highest and lowest parts of the screen like in classic TR's, and in result there will be more extended space in left and right parts of screen, like in TREP widescreen path. But then you cannot play level in windowed mode, because camera will be too far away from Lara. It only works with full screen.

TombRaiderTim 02-07-15 20:58

Would you happen to know a default setting which would be suitable? :/

Titak 02-07-15 21:03

This thread is for confirmed bugs, not for discussion or getting help.
Could you please post in a new thread or the general TRNG thread next time before posting in here?
That way the potential bug can be discussed and confirmed or debunked.
Once confirmed, it can go in here. :)

tomb2player 11-09-15 23:14

I have suggestion. If possible, increasing "overlaps" and "box" limits per level.

If this is not possible at all, how about option that could exclude sectors in level from generating boxes and overlaps? So for example - option that works like "grey box button", which don't allow enemies to enter on particular sectors. But also it would be awesome if this option don't generate more boxes and fulfill box and overlaps limits..

So I see 2 possible options:

1 - fix "grey box button" - so it don't generate more boxes and overlaps, but only exclude enemies from particular zone in map.

2 - if first one is not possible, make option that works similar to grey box button, but also don't produce boxes and overlaps..

I hope you understand me? Box and Overlaps limits are related only to enemies. But why there isn't option which can exclude chosen by level builder areas in level from enemies AND prevent these areas from box and overlaps generating? Ok there is this "grey box button", but it unfortunately generates bunch of new boxes and overlaps. According to logic, it shouldn't do it.. If it don't allow enemies to enter in particular zones - those zones should be excluded from box and overlaps generation.

That kind of option would be really appreciated by me and probably others too.. Because box limit is very easy to fulfill, this is one of major reasons of why builders are forced to split levels, make two instead of one for example. ;)

AkyV 30-01-16 10:36

It is an old TRLE bug, but maybe it is time to fix:

The "selected room" info won't be refreshed if you use these searching commands:

- Find Illegal Slopes
- Find Texture
- Find Untextured (only sometimes?)
- Object-Trigger
- Trigger-Object

Can Save/Load Palette texture look bug be fixed?

The Manual.pdf mentions some interesting key commands:


- -------------------------- Selects previous texture tile
+ ------------------------------ Selects next texture tile
My experiences:
- (of not the keypad, it is the other -, which is Key in my Hungarian keyboard) - The Current Texture property of Infobox will decrease if I use it, and the Texture Panel jumps upwards sometimes, but that's all. But the selected tile doesn't change in NGLE. It was not buggy in TRLE.
+ (funny, but this time it is the + of the keypad) - The Current Texture property of Infobox will increase if I use it, and the Texture Panel jumps downwards sometimes, but that's all. But the selected tile doesn't change in NGLE. It was not buggy in TRLE.

You created F360 to print a text with a flipeffect in the basic way, because F64 couldn't handle ExtraNG strings above ID255.
But the same problem still exists if it is not a basic mode, but PARAM_PRINT_TEXT or PARAM_WTEXT.

rufierto 03-05-16 13:31


AkyV 15-07-16 16:05

Some flipeffects seem buggy or useless in title. Like F355 to perform a flash or F53 to force a key.

Reflection bug.

IF_LOOP_AUDIO_TRACK - no effect any more.
IF_PLAY_AUDIO_TRACK - CUST_CD_SINGLE_PLAYBACK adjustments go back to TRLE (not TRNG!) defaults everyway. (So track always restarted if savegame is loaded.)

Caesum 01-01-17 09:26

It seems the new TRNG has a bug in BKGDT_LOADING_LEVEL. When you use it the loading background shows with a short delay during which you can see the levelmesh set with LoadCamera option.

BTW - maybe a bit offtopic question, but is it possible to fix MMX Hardware Emulation? It doesn't work in TRNG since ages.

Titak 01-01-17 10:11

That bug with BKGDT_LOADING_LEVEL was already present, but it is way more obvious now.
I now have the load camera point at somethign black, but still, it does not look very good imo.
So yeah, please fix this if possible. :)

AkyV 12-01-17 17:33

For this trigger:

; Set Trigger Type - FLIPEFFECT 309
; Exporting: TRIGGER(511:0) for FLIPEFFECT(309) {Tomb_NextGeneration}
; <#> : Variables. Log. Print the value of <&>Numeric Variable in (E)Format
; <&> : Current Value
; (E) : Decimal
; Values to add in script command: $2000, 309, $1FF

...this is what I got:


8750: Global Byte Alfa1 = 1793
8782: Global Byte Alfa1 = 1792
8813: Global Byte Alfa1 = 1791
8844: Global Byte Alfa1 = 1790
8891: Global Byte Alfa1 = 1789
8922: Global Byte Alfa1 = 1788
8953: Global Byte Alfa1 = 1787
And "byte" values above 255!
The values were correct btw.

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