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maati139 03-08-19 14:18


Originally Posted by klona (Post 8115950)
Swap them.
Use a GT to play your looping background track on channel 2.
Use channel 1 to play your other tracks. Tracks that play on channel 1 won't be interrupted in the diary.

This way when the player leaves the diary the background track will continue in channel 2.

Yeps, that smart idea and already I've made it this way few days ago :) Thanks anyway :)

TombRaiderTim 30-07-21 11:33

I have an odd issue currently with NG_Center where I request to update from on the control panel of the program and all I receive in the downloaded folder instead of "TRNG_Installer.exe" is something called "BaseFolder.bin" and nothing more.

loch 23-08-21 05:41

I've noticed there is a limitation with how many objects you can apply transparency to using an A53 trigger before these objects themselves start disappearing completely or the transparency is removed. Maybe its already been posted here I'm not sure...

I was using a number of movables in condition triggers using there transparency level as the condition. I then tried to use a movables current animation instead but this hasn't consistently been stable in save game memory on a reload.

I wonder does anyone have any other tricks that work for condition triggers other than using variables?

Cheers :)

justin 23-08-21 12:25

Very interesting to know about the transparency limit.

I always use the "creature is currently: active" condition for my globaltriggers, using random static movables that have no real animation (MIP objects are not savegame stable, though).

Hopefully this is some info that helps :)

loch 24-08-21 05:39

Ahuh! Nice one :D, I've given this a try with some mixed results.

Initially this wasn't working consistently for me, maybe its because I was using a bridgeflat as the 'static' moveable. I was using the conditions - 'is not yet activated' and' is dead' as I was 'killing' it so the collision and dummy trigger were removed. Instead I'm now using a +TGROUP_NOT 'living and that seems to work consistently so far.

I had the same problem surprisingly with a flame emitter. I tried all combinations of the living/active dead/inactive conditions and so far The game still thinks its active when I haven't triggered it so I will probably just use something else in this instance, Oh how I wish for another 100 or so variables to boss around :D
At least I'ts teaching me to be more efficient, but I would really like to have released this damn level a month ago at least by now lol.

justin 24-08-21 12:17

This is what we get for being so ambitious, Loch :vlol:

And yes, I originally also tried using Bridge_Flats with failed results! Then I tried MIPs with failed results. I've never had trouble with Smoke or Flame Emitters, though...

Either way, normal Animating 1-16 appear to be most savegame-stable for me for this trick :)

loch 25-08-21 02:20

Thats so good to see we are getting the same results. Its probably something I missed with the flame emitters but I got it to work with the 'killing' of the bridgeflat instead so I will leave that alone unless it doesnt hold.

Glad to see we can have confidence in the Animating objects also, thanks for that research ;)

maati139 18-11-21 00:30

Hi! Did anyone notice that shatter with ocb 1024 can be destroyed not only by explosives but also with shotgun? :confused: Also I'm not using Customize=CUST_SHATTER_SPECIFIC

Is this a bug from or it's just for my game? :confused:

justin 18-11-21 00:33


Originally Posted by maati139 (Post 8331474)
Hi! Did anyone notice that shatter with ocb 1024 can be destroyed not only by explosives but also with shotgun? :confused: Also I'm not using Customize=CUST_SHATTER_SPECIFIC

Is this a bug from or it's just for my game? :confused:

Hard shatter? Pretty sure that's normal behavior, unless there is an ocb specifically for explosive and anothef for hard shatter?

maati139 18-11-21 00:36

From NG_Center:
If you add 1024 to ocb of some shatter object you can increase its hardness and the static will be destroyed only by explosive ammo (not flash grenade), sphinks, jeep, sidecar and Rollingball (if it has correct OCB).

.. and it should be destroyable only with explosives, but I've weird bug that in whole game I can use also shotgun (not pistols, sixshooter etc.)

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