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Weemanply109 21-05-12 20:37


Originally Posted by Lukass (Post 6181052)

OMG. Jealous.

trlestew 21-05-12 23:35

I was reading this article on Gameaustra, and it gave me an awesome idea for multiplayer even though this Tomb Raider will not have it of course, when the interviewee at Epic Games gave his suggestion about how to revamp numerous games. In this case, it was Uncharted.

If I were at Naughty Dog now -- wow, this is turning into an "if Cliffy ran the world" interview -- but yeah, I would do a version of Uncharted that's multiplayer, in which every person is their own version of a Nathan Drake and you're doing global treasure hunts. And have dynamic events where "A new rune has been found in Peru!", you know?

Right -- you've got to race to get there.

CB: The race to get there, and then if somebody else got there first they actually left traps behind or bait/switch, and people backstabbing each other, and really have that be player-driven, and have a lot of emergent gameplay. Don't focus on the script-y stuff.

You know, make the jungles and make the players race to get to it, and make The Amazing Race with treasures, you know, a version of what Indiana Jones was -- globetrotting around the world.
It's probably been suggested in some shape or form, but the whole hunting for treasures and setting bobby traps mechanic does seem like something that would work in the new TR.

larafan25 21-05-12 23:41

Now there's an idea that's not bad.

Weemanply109 21-05-12 23:51

I like that idea.

Weemanply109 22-05-12 16:15

Is this thread really dead?

NRO. 22-05-12 16:30


Weemanply109 22-05-12 16:31

The topic about swimming should be here! >:I

Dark_Messiah 22-05-12 18:18

Hello. I am writing in a dead thread. :ton: There is just nothing new about tomb raider. yet.

just*raidin*tomb 22-05-12 18:28

Operation Revive This thread has commenced. :cool:

Since this is general tomb raider discussion, let me just express my hatred for Underworld right now.

I was doing a replay after like 3 years and I was actually really enjoying it. Much more so than the first time around. But dammit, that stupid glitch where the first ramp is down for whatever reason in Xibalba happened to me and now I can't continue.

So ****ity ****. Thanks for ruining a rather fun playthrough, Underworld. :mad:

Dark_Messiah 22-05-12 18:33

I had this one too several times. Annoying :\

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