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Cat Woman 08-11-19 17:17

England Serpent
Iím replaying this game after several years. On fighting the serpent, I keep trying to hit the bell on the left side of the bridge, before dying. I have the controls on Advanced Hold as easier to holster the pistols and target the lever on the bell. I find she keeps targeting the lever on the right side bell (even though Iím trying to point the camera to the left side). Sometimes she hits the serpent, but maybe Iím hitting the target lock during the gameplay I think. Didnít seem to take this long years ago. ;)

JoelCaesar 08-11-19 20:13

Have you tried using the manual aiming function? It works with the grapple as well! Also, make sure Lara is as close as you dare to the relevant lever.

Cat Woman 10-11-19 06:03

Finally did it. I found if I ran to the end of the ledge and targeted the left one first; then, the right one. Then, back to target the front two worked for me. You can do either one at the end of the ledge. I found the front two were easier. Try to get the right bell out of the camera view worked when trying the left bell.

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