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Pierre Du Pont 25-03-19 13:17

How many time's have you completed TR1?
Recently bought a RetroBox and put TR1 on there. Currently playing through it for the 5th or 6th time now, still enjoy playing it, still find new things out I didn't know before, still get frustrated at it, but its a guilty pleasure, It was my first game I got on my PS1 when I was a youngster and it will always have a place in my heart.

JsotoTRSaga 25-03-19 17:31

More than 100 times

JoelCaesar 26-03-19 06:06

A lot... a lot

drbunnig 26-03-19 20:26

Probably somewhere in the region of 10-15. A few times when I was younger and once a year for the past decade or so.

Aquabird 26-03-19 20:39

I do a full playthrough maybe once a year, but I replay my individual favourite levels all the time, every few weeks or couple of months or so. Sometimes I get right into it and end up playing through a whole section in one sitting, like Peru or Greece.

Sardoc 26-03-19 23:07

Not all that many. It's one of the 2 classic TRs that I don't replay very often (the other being TR5), but not because of the content.

I quickly got used to the controls responsiveness from TR2+, so I really notice when TR1 Lara doesn't jump exactly when I want to, or continues the swimming animation after I'd already released the swim button.

Maybe one day this thing will be decompiled, and some of the TR2+ improvements will make it to TR1. That would be great.

NoahCrofRaider 26-03-19 23:51

Probably three or four times. Itís one of my favorites in the series, so in some ways Iím surprised I donít play it more.

Pierre Du Pont 02-04-19 11:40

Isn't it crazy how after all this time, we can happily go back and complete it again, just seems to be a game that never gets old, a timeless Classic

TombRaiderTim 02-04-19 20:58

I have no accurate total but I have at least completed TR1 around 20 times, 8 times on PS1, then a couple on other platforms, since it was released and I can always go back to it in a couple of months, replay it and enjoy it just as much as the very first time though oddly enough, I can hardly drag myself to replay the reboot series more than twice which explains a lot in terms to how much Tomb Raider has changed.

I own TR1-TR5 on every platform because those games in my opinion is when the true Lara Croft shone through which made the player feel in full control of their own movements, exploration and combat without cheap time events that 1 hit an enemy dead and instead your best defence was to use the surrounding environment as an advantage point or if all else fails, run around in circles in a panic while firing at will.

Blackmoor 02-04-19 21:21

So many times I cannot remember.

So may times that I can remember every single level, location, route in the game. I can play it in my head from virtually start to finish.

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