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Kosmos 22-06-10 21:30

Tomb Raider - Greek Caves

Story :

During an expedition in Greece, Lara discovers the entry of secret caves, in the heart of the mountains. Inadvertently, she causes a rock fall which precipitates her downwards. She cannot go up, so she must explore the darkness of the caves…

Levels :

Greek Caves - Dark Caves : 80% completed
Greek Caves - Inside the Temple : 71% completed
Greek Caves - Lava Caves : 54% completed

Outfit :

Alpha Raider :

New Animations :

Jump out of a crawlspace (Alt+Up)
Shimmy faster (Ctrl+Right / Ctrl+Left)
New back jump (Alt+Down)
Thanks to Titak for her tutorials about animation scripting !!

Screenshots from "Dark Caves" :

Some new screenshots coming soon...

Screenshots from "Inside the Temple" :

Some new screenshots coming soon...

Screenshots from "Lava Caves" :

Some new screenshots coming soon...

thecentaur 22-06-10 21:41

That looks extremely promising :tmb:

Lara's Wrath 22-06-10 22:28

I am really looking forward to this! :D

KyleCroft 22-06-10 22:30

Ohh I'm excited! Nice work!

KurtisandLara 22-06-10 23:47

I love the ruins underground type of thing it looks like its going to be awesome to explore :D!

Tyhokan 23-06-10 02:21

This looks absolutely fantastic! I like the general colour scheme, and that huge tree trunk in the second screen. The third to last screen I find oddly green though, I assume it's to go with all the trees and foliage. Perhaps it's because is generally brighter than the other screens. I can't wait to see the second level.

wdavid 23-06-10 07:12

Looks awesome so far:tmb::D Keep up the good work;):D

Dunnut7 23-06-10 07:15

Looks really great:tmb:
Looking forward for more screenshots:)

*PH* 23-06-10 14:02

It looks fantastic:tmb: the cave has a great geometry

Titak 23-06-10 14:17

This is looking really good! :tmb:
Keep up the good work. :D

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