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LeelooBastet 12-03-21 15:10

Hi !

Im still using this cause it is my fav

Could it be updated ?

It would be great to have a bigger pannel, and if it could by defaut open the empty texture set with 512 width size

Is it also possible to make it handle .png files ?

Joey79100 12-03-21 15:26

Unfortunately Tbuilder isn't maintained, and I don't know if the source code has ever been released.
However, you might be interested in TextureMake. This is the closest thing to a TBuilder update you will find.

TextureMake is a TBuilder clone.

It has all the features of TBuilder except for the animating texture feature.

TextureMake (C++) is written in a different computer language than TBuilder (Delphi) so hopefully those users who have problems with TBuilder on their PC can use TextureMake instead.

TextureMake also has the option to have a standard menu for opening files etc.
See Help to see how to display the menu as seen in the screenshot below.
The biggest different is that it does support .PNG, but I don't think the rest is.

LeelooBastet 12-03-21 15:32


I will make a try :)

sapper 13-03-21 01:58

Yes, IceBerg didn't release source code so TBuilder cannot be updated.

Haven't heard from Champ in a long while so TextureMake too may not be updated.

PedroTheGamer 13-03-21 11:38

^ Wouldn't there be a way to "de-compiler" this souce code? Or was it harcoded? :confused:

Richard_trle 14-03-21 16:47

Virtually speaking, we can "decompile" reverse engineer anything, but it goes along the way of unethical means to achieve something. :ton:

PedroTheGamer 14-03-21 23:52

^ :vlol: OMG my mistake,but i have no another word in my knowledge that explains what I mean. :p

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