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laralover_07 22-11-08 19:06

[QUOTE=thevman;3244692]He, he, I did underpussy a while ago... :p


OMG!! I'm really sorry! How could I miss that!? I'l take them off, and link them to yours.

igonge 22-11-08 19:11


Poor Underpuss :(

Cog 22-11-08 19:19


igonge 22-11-08 19:21


lol :)

Candee Sparks 22-11-08 20:25


Poor Underpuss :([/quote]

O_O You can actually see it in the water? Omg that would terrify the **** out of me!

Suzan 22-11-08 21:17

You guys do realise it wasn't just some ICE that caused this huge drama called 'sinking Titanic'...?


Rest in peace dudes, but Underpus gets hungry too :(

I knew I wasnt the only one with a Titanic-o-underpus :D

Atlantisfreak666 22-11-08 21:46

R.I.P Underpus.:(

Mr Boldman 23-11-08 11:21

I think the Underpuss should return in the next game as an ally. I don't know, they could say he was just.... knocked out.

thevman 24-11-08 01:55

[QUOTE=laralover_07;3245183]OMG!! I'm really sorry! How could I miss that!? I'l take them off, and link them to yours.[/QUOTE]

[b][size=8]DO NOT DO THAT!!![/size][/b] :wve:
I think it's cool you did your own version! And afterall, mine were buried back on like page 9!

Quasimodo 24-11-08 02:16


Poor Underpuss :([/QUOTE]

I've got a similar screenshot saved to my desktop. It's such an eerie moment, isn't it?


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