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Acacea 12-03-17 19:35

Why does Janice look so different (face) in the PS2 version than the Windows edition? She looks way better on PS2, but why did they even change it?

Zelda master 12-03-17 20:28

Well a comparison picture would help...

Acacea 12-03-17 22:03


As you can see in the PS2 version, her lips are more slim, and her nose is much smaller.

Joey79100 13-03-17 08:13

I always felt there was something different on the PS2 version but never bothered comparing her two faces side by side, I thought it was just the lighting. Thanks for the pic, now I see it was not the only difference!

thabani33 13-03-17 08:39

From that pic I think it's the lighting that makes them seem different. Her model will be identical under same lighting conditions I reckon. The lips in the Ps2 version don't seem to be taken from an idle pose, more like she is saying the letter 'm'.

Alas they could be different altogether. Prove me wrong.

Caesum 13-03-17 10:01

It's just the lighting i think

dinne 13-03-17 13:18

*deleted by the author*

ThatSassyKid 13-03-17 13:32

PC has worse lighting, and looks horizontally stretched, tbh.

I'm Janice. Everyone knows me 'round here.

TR-Freak 13-03-17 14:05

I thought this thread was a Janice Appreciation thread :(

Zreen001 13-03-17 14:37


Originally Posted by TR-Freak (Post 7721206)
I thought this thread was a Janice Appreciation thread :(

It still can be.

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