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tombraiderxii 11-04-17 02:17

It's a Madhouse... A Madhouse!

DJ Full 11-04-17 04:12


Originally Posted by tombraiderxii (Post 7730936)
What do you think?

You know what I think :D

Alex Fly 11-04-17 10:35

I love the TR3 Gold version and your medias about it looks very promising! :tmb:

SrDanielPonces 11-04-17 14:52

this is the good **** :hug:

Titak 11-04-17 18:07

Looking very good!
Not "It's a Madhouse... A Madhouse!" though...
It's "It's a Madhouse... A Madhouse!" to the power of 10. :D

AgentXP 11-04-17 22:17


Originally Posted by DJ Full (Post 7730959)
You know what I think :D

^ Ditto :D I'm so glad you plan to finish this awesome level :jmp:

Niveus 11-04-17 23:40

Your use of colour is whimsical but at the same time it commands the eye to the right areas of highlight and lowlight, which is a difficult thing to pull off. Screen 4 and 5 especially. Furthermore the fog in the Croft Manor looking area is an interesting colour but it fits. I admire this style! :tmb:

Erikku 12-04-17 08:56

I was so sad when I didn't see it listed when the create a classic competition ended. But so glad you didn't give up on it! :D can't wait for it!!!

TombRaiderTim 12-04-17 21:21

I was waiting to hear about this, it was one of the levels I was looking forward to playing during that competition. Is it too early to ask about a release date? :x

MegaGamer 12-04-17 21:30

I was wondering what happened to this project lol :p

Glad to see you're still working on it tho, it looks good!

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