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tampi 13-06-08 13:46

I posted this in g.r.o.w.l. thread too :o:p


Cog 13-06-08 13:48

The dog needs Winston's face.


Alex Fly 13-06-08 13:52

^^ LMAO ! :vlol: They are all so cute together. :p

Encore 13-06-08 13:53

ahahahah awesome tampi! :D

john_york 13-06-08 14:52

The power of Underpus compels you!

Conway 13-06-08 14:53


Originally Posted by Bumio (Post 2773746)
good one :D

well i couldnt resist :pi:


Amazing. Made me smile.

@ john york: That pwns all.

Encore 13-06-08 15:00


Originally Posted by john_york (Post 2774889)

The power of Underpus compels you!



Alex Fly 13-06-08 15:19

Lol, nice one John ! :p

lovechin 13-06-08 15:45

you guys are killing me :vlol: :vlol: :vlol:

thevman 13-06-08 16:08

Any chance tlr can make a special page on tombraiderchronical just for all the underpus pics??? :whi: Then we can find them all in one place without having to read all the posts... ;)

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