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tweetygwee 29-06-07 15:50

Anniversary Sound Extractor
For those of you who don't already know, darkfader has released a Legend and Anniversary extractor. He posted this in another thread:


Originally Posted by darkfader (Post 1888254)
Hi all. I have updated trltool to v1.2. Perhaps that helps.

I just found this today and I was so happy :jmp:. All you do is open the program, select either Legend or anniversary, and then filter it by language and type to get the sound files you want. It allows music and SFX to be extracted by "drag and drop" into a folder of your choice.

(I know Titak wanted this a lot :D)

Have fun, and a big thanks to darkfader for this invaluable tool.

Zelda master 29-06-07 15:55

Awsome :D
Manor background track here i come!!1

Poseidons_Doom 29-06-07 15:56

Great tool

i used it to extract the wolf sounds


stranger1992 29-06-07 15:57

the link isn't working :( Maybe i could post this on the object team over @trsearch as i can now post attachments as i'm a mod.

Titak 29-06-07 16:54


Originally Posted by tweetygwee (Post 1931047)
(I know Titak wanted this a lot :D)

Me happy now!!! :yah:
Gonna try it asap tomorrow! :jmp:

stranger1992 29-06-07 17:24

how do i use this? I'm confused :)

Tomb Raider Master 29-06-07 17:25

Whoo! :jmp: Thanks, guys!

tweetygwee 29-06-07 17:31


Originally Posted by stranger1992 (Post 1931248)
how do i use this? I'm confused :)

1. Click on trltool.exe.

2. Wait for the DOS to disappear and the program to load up.

3. Select Legend or Anniversary from the dropdown menu in the bottom left.

4. You can use the filters on the right to select the language you want and file types. Multiplexed files are the sound ones.

5. Open whatever folder you want to extract to and just drag and drop.


Black Thorn 30-06-07 12:16

Aaargh! I don't have TRL and TRA! :(
I hope somebody will make a "complilation" of sound for us to use them! :o

ad_stéph 30-06-07 12:28

Someone knows how to open .sam files? :(

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