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matrix54 23-07-16 01:55

Try this in the script:
WorldFarView = 127

Also, when layering an object with the wall, it's best to have magenta where the objects would be to prevent that. ;)

THOR2010 23-07-16 02:01

^ i think merging the statics into the room geometry with meta2tr helps it too, though i could be wrong!

Boobandie 23-07-16 02:18

They are merged with the map, I'll try putting magenta behind them when I do the brick textures. Shouldn't take up too many extra pages in stripix, though I'm not that fond of having to do this. The side bricks aren't uniform so that's at least 30 individual textures. Maybe I can redo the walls instead... but then cracks :(

Piega 23-07-16 05:08

You will end up with a lot of polygons this way which will slow down your framerate. If you continue like this and also the inside with 3d banisters and stuff. Just make textures of them I'm already there :)

Shakira Croft 23-07-16 10:00

Have the dark grey objects triangles faces?

Piega 25-07-16 18:44

All furniture will have English design :)


Titak 25-07-16 18:53

First the fish statue, now this... :admles:

Looking awesome, Piega! :tmb:

DJ Full 25-07-16 19:12

When you thought globe design couldn't get any more precise.

Shakira Croft 25-07-16 19:38


Originally Posted by DJ Full (Post 7623292)
When you thought globe design couldn't get any more precise.


Beautiful Piega :tmb:

GeekOfComedy 25-07-16 21:18

Damn that's lovely. <3 :hug:

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