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Shadowmask 28-11-15 06:57

ROTTR Estimated Sales 55K In week two USA & UK
VGChartz aren't official by any means and there's always a margin for error but they are usually in the same region as real figures and aren't just plucked out of thin air.

GRAND TOTAL SALES SO FAR -Approximately 640,000 - After 3 weeks.

Week 1

Xbox One with 229,742 units sold (76%)
Xbox 360 71,286 units sold (24%).

By Region:

US with 143,817 units sold (48%),

Europe 124,384 units sold (41%).

UK 46,679
Germany 19,844
France 22,323

Week 2:

106,096 this week and 335,838 total ON XBOX ONE.

30,941 this week and 102,227 total ON XBOX 360 ONLY

438,065 grand total of both platforms.

Week 3 Ending 28th Nov 2015:

USA Xbox One sales 62,901 (Last week 31,216)

UK Xbox One 36,090 (Last week 24,345)

Grand Total Last Week 438,065 (for both platforms).

Global Xbox One Sales This Week - 166,180 (501,890 - total)

This Week 537,056 (Not including Xbox 360 data for this period).

If you want to break it down further,

Xbox One Sales:

Week 1 229,742 (worldwide)
Week 2 106,096 (worldwide)
Week 3 98,991 (USA & UK Only)

Total Xbox One sales 434,829

Xbox 360 Sales:

Week 1 70,586
Week 2 28,669
Week 3 - 40,286

Total Xbox 360 sales 139,541

Shark_Blade 28-11-15 07:18

Comparing this with Fallout 4 sales, that is sad indeed. It sold 12 million units in 24 hours!

Fallout 4' $750 million game launch leaves 'Call of Duty' in the dust

It even beaten Call of Duty, surprisingly.

Heartache 28-11-15 07:24

they shipped 12 million games, but didnt sell them. they sold about 1.8 million over the first weekend

JsotoTRSaga 28-11-15 07:50

The exclusivity deal is to blame for this... Sad news indeed :/

starstruck 28-11-15 08:04


Unless they add a whole new hub to the PS4 version, I can't imagine it being successful a year from now either.

lisa_croft 28-11-15 08:13

They thought they would sell 1.2 million? LOL!
As if.
Probs won't be much better a whole year later either. I mean, I know I'm waiting for it on PS4 :)

just_love_her 28-11-15 08:30

Considering the game is released on only two platforms, that's ok. Waiting for the PC version. :)

.:Tirivol:. 28-11-15 08:32

Nice numbers for being just on Xbox and the tight release window we know

For comparision

TR 2013 sold 482k for Xbox360 WW
ROTTR sold 301k for both XboxOne/360 WW

Not bad as many people want to believe

starstruck 28-11-15 08:52


Originally Posted by .:Tirivol:. (Post 7499760)
For comparision

TR 2013 sold 482k for Xbox360 WW
ROTTR sold 301k for both XboxOne/360 WW

Not bad as many people want to believe

That makes it look even worse tbh.

2 Xbox systems couldn't match the singular one for Reboot. :o

But seriously, we all saw this coming from a mile away (not even considering how mediocre the game is, just considering the Micro$oft deal in general), so it's whatever.

JsotoTRSaga 28-11-15 09:05

It's not the amazing game to blame, rather than a poor marketing campaign and a pointless exclusivity deal.

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