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boleklo_lo 17-06-19 20:04

What i have to do in "Red Alert!" level on those gas-filled rooms?

Yes, in some way

Why you don't watch a video on YT or read some article?

I bet with my friend to complete TRC without any of articles and videos. This site isn't an article, it's forum! :jmp:

Dustie 18-06-19 08:01

The ultimate objective is to trap the cyborg there. But if you want a step by step explanation then look into a walkthrough, like those on Stella's website.

fallenangle 18-06-19 11:30

Be aware that there are significant glitches in that whole area from the moment you come down the first elevator.

If you save in the 'wrong' place getting the cyborg to follow Lara into the corridor to trap and gas him may prove difficult or impossible. He may get stuck down one of the 'pits' or refuse to enter the corridor.

In general it recommended you do not save in that area before you have trapped the cyborg.

Maverin 19-06-19 10:53

I'm not sure if your friend will appreciate this bypass of your rules :mis:

Anyway. For once, I strongly suggest both of you do use a walkthrough because there are so many game breaking bugs in this level. I'll copy and paste some of Stella's bug notes here to give you an indication. All credits obviously go to her.

BUG 1: Avoid saving your game between finishing the STOREROOM and exiting the LOBBY. If you save here, you may find that after riding the elevator down, the doors won't open, preventing you from entering the LOBBY, or that the metal doors at the top of the LOBBY don't open, preventing you from going on from there. If you do choose to save, use a new slot in case you activate the bug and need to reload. If you're already stuck with the bug, you can download one of Stella's PC or Mac savegames. See the note at the end of her walkthrough about this.

BUG 2: I found that these doors wouldn't open, but I was able to climb through them by grabbing the lower edge of the opening and pulling up. In this case, the second pair of soldiers does not appear. If you aren't able to do either, try reloading an earlier save and this time don't save between finishing the STOREROOM and exiting the LOBBY through the angled metal doors.

BUG 3: This next section also has a potentially serious bug. Do not save your game between sliding down the chute from the LOBBY and destroying the first cyborg. And be sure to destroy the cyborg using the method that involves shooting the valve, described below. Otherwise, you may be unable to complete the level. If you do choose to save, use a new slot in case you activate the bug and need to reload your previous save. If you're already stuck with the bug, see the FIRST POSSIBLE BUG FIX, at the end of her walkthrough.

BUG 4: Do not save your game again after using the switch. If you reload, the room will be flooded and you won't be able to get the key bit. If you have already done this, try swinging to the switch and using it again. If that doesn't drain the room, you'll need to reload an earlier save. Resetting the area, as suggested below, won't work here because the grating over the duct prevents you from getting back to the four-way intersection.

BUG 5: There is another potential bug in the next section. Avoid saving your game between beginning the first run past the helicopter and when you trap the second cyborg. I was able to save at the button behind the bar and still complete the level, but others have reported not being able to do this. When this particular bug is activated, the second cyborg falls into one of the pits and is trapped there. You can't kill him, so you can't get the second KEY BIT and finish the level. If you do choose to save at any point during this tough section, use a new slot in case you activate the bug and need to start over. If you have already activated the bug, see the note on the SECOND POSSIBLE BUG FIX, at the end of Stella's walkthrough. If that doesn't work, either revert to an earlier save or download one of her savegames

Directly taken from this link: https://tombraiders.net/stella/walks.../redalert.html

fallenangle 19-06-19 13:40

I replayed this level only a few days ago for my 'no scratch' run. I suffered every one of those glitches bar the last because I couldn't be bothered to save there. You receive so much unavoidable damage in this level 'no scatch' is just minimal damage and when you're poisoned it all becomes a bit pointless IMHO.

Weird thing though is that the first cyborg area actually glitched in my favour, something I've never had happen before. It was after saving and restarting - initially the room was pre-water filled and the valve missing. But I found on the next or next but one attempt the room was dry, the valve in place but the cyborg could be 'killed' and the key part collected. I left the room but the lasers in the helicopter corridor were still on.

So I then back shot the valve, filled the room with water and grappled up to the switch, operated it. That drained the water but closed the exit door. I operated the switch again and the door opened, went back and the helicopter corridor laser was gone.

Saved there before starting that and quickly did the rest without saving again even after trapping the cyborg. I'd pretty much given up on 'no scratch' by then but still managed to finish the level with about 55% HP and all secrets.

Always was my least favourite level in my least favourite old TR and this confirmed that for me again. Hated the invincible bats in the earlier levels with a passion too.

The Great Chi 20-06-19 11:23


Originally Posted by fallenangle (Post 8101674)
....If you save in the 'wrong' place getting the cyborg to follow Lara into the corridor to trap and gas him may prove difficult or impossible.......

Looking through the floor grate for hours, waiting and waiting, been there, done that :hea:

(and I bet many of you have had the same experience :D)


fallenangle 20-06-19 12:49


With PS(PAL) version which I originally used I was quite lucky. I was not sure what I was even doing and accidentally trapped the cyborg not even realising what I'd done and......let him go. :o

But when I first played it on DC(PAL) I had all that nonsense and more. Kept on trying to 'tempt' the cyborg down the corridor then waiting, waiting.......waiting looking up and........nothing. :(

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