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AimlessThunder 11-05-24 04:52


Originally Posted by UroshUchiha (Post 8462873)
I don't think I EVER saw anyone confuse this section for Core Design's TR games. So this change is completely confusing to me. Why was it done? Serves no purpose whatsoever.

Agreed! 👍🏼💯

Scilli 16-05-24 10:04

All i can say: I love Justin for that change. It makes perfect sense to me!

[Xmas] 17-05-24 22:19


Originally Posted by Scilli (Post 8464700)
All i can say: I love Justin for that change. It makes perfect sense to me!

We love a shady penguin!

Chamayoo 17-05-24 22:48

I wonder why now and not before. It could be worse, like : "Tomb Raider (Not the Original)" or "Tomb Raider (Fraud Version) 💅"

adamtombraider 19-05-24 22:28

Just call the game Tomb Raider 9 which is what I have called it all these years and it is the 9th game in the franchise

SwiftieLuma 21-05-24 18:52


Originally Posted by OrangeJuice (Post 8462682)
what swiftie changed the name of this forum section

hey hey!

Lets not point fingers so soon! :p:p:p

Also yeah wasnt this section named Tomb Raider 2013?

I personally know the original Tomb Raider as ''TR1'' and the reboot as Tomb Raider 2013 or TR2013.

I have never seen anybody confuse the 2.

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