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UroshUchiha 21-03-21 13:26


Originally Posted by Mikky (Post 8287458)
Hi, Ed :specialsnowflake:

How long did it take for them to respond for you? I just contacted them about an hour ago myself, and I know it says it can take up to a day so I'm not expecting a reply right away, but I'm still curious

Oh I had some tech issue with the conversation happen. So I had to contact them twice so that extended the process. My 2nd contact was yesterday and I just got my stuff back a few minutes ago.

UroshUchiha 21-03-21 13:27


Originally Posted by TombRaider_Ed (Post 8287454)
The team is trying to do what they can, and we genuinely appreciate your feedback and your sticking with us even when these frustrating things happen, thank you!

The team did a great job if I can say so myself. My compensation just went through and I am very happy with the results. I expected much much less than this. Thanks to everyone involved!

Mikky 21-03-21 13:41

Well, don't just tease us like that :p Tell us exactly how good it was :pi:

UroshUchiha 21-03-21 14:03


Originally Posted by Mikky (Post 8287471)
Well, don't just tease us like that :p Tell us exactly how good it was :pi:

Naturally, they couldn't restore everything that I had before the wipe. I got items that I had on Lara before the wipe. Enough gold, ore and green skulls to upgrade my stuff close enough to what it was before the wipe. Not everything but more than enough for me to deal with these stages again easily.

Gems restored too.

Lost everything else like all the other unequipped items, relics, artifacts, blueprints but I'm fine with that.

Mikky 21-03-21 14:05

Oh wow, that actually sounds great. Like you say, definitely more than enough to go through the stages quickly :D Thanks!

tomblover 04-04-21 14:30

I am enjoying the new reward systems (even if some of the criteria for the weekly goals are ****ing stupid - "hit enemies with explosions 3035 times," that's just not gonna happen, unless they make grenades not-worthless in a future update :vlol:), and the first couple levels of the game seem to have been rebalanced well. :)

Having to start over fresh wasn't the gargantuan pain I was expecting it to be. I have noticed the lucky wheels are more obviously weighted towards the least valuable prize than they were before, but I'll let that slide, we all know why that is... :p

Stage 4 of the Lost Valley is still a roadblock, though - and honestly, all of the levels leading up to it, since there're a lot of enemies on-screen, at least twice as many projectiles to dodge, the enemies move about constantly, and Lara doesn't lead her shots. :specialsnowflake:

I managed to reach stage 8 once while playing, and that was sheer luck. Otherwise, I'm at a brick wall...

I'm not about to spend money on gems (which might not even get me what I need), so I guess this is it for me, until they decide to tone down enemy health. :ponder:

(or I'll keep playing City of Vilcabamba, which is all too easy by comparison - if only the game rewarded you significantly for replaying earlier levels, or skillful play in general :rolleyes:)

I find it especially shameless considering The Lost Valley is such a long level. I'd expect to have lengthy breathers between the inevitable chokepoints, but apparently not. :ton:

UroshUchiha 04-04-21 15:53

The daily dash challenges are being reworked, they said so on their Discord cause pretty much everyone is complaining how unfair they are at the moment. They might as well be called Weekly Challenges as they are right now. So yeah, gotta wait and see what they'll do with it. They are also changing the Relics they said.

As for the Wheel Of Fortune with that I agree as well. I spent 8 tickets on the last level 3 times in a row and each time I got the lowest reward (1000 gold). Sure it's amazing when you hit that 20k reward but usually you get the lowest reward which probably has the highest % in the code to happen which is a shame. Spending 8 tickets just to get 1000 gold is depressing.

"or I'll keep playing City of Vilcabamba, which is all too easy by comparison" that's actually a thing you say for each level once you grind enough to get your Lara a few upgrades. I kept saying that as well and now my situation is that for Level 5 until I get powerful enough to one shot basically everything in Level 6.

At least login once a day to get that daily item crate and logout if nothing else.

Mikky 04-04-21 17:58

Oh hello! What a coincidence there are people posting today :p So, I finally reached St Francis Folly today. I will say first before getting into anything: the compensation provided to players who lost their progress was really, really good. I wasn't even expecting to get my character level and runes back so that was a pleasant surprise. If I had known from the start they would have given us that, I wouldn't have even been mad after the announcement. So, a sincere thank you. However, I still needed to upgrade my equipment to be able to get close to my stats before, so that's why it's taken me a couple weeks (and also, waning interest in the game in general caused me to not play as often). But yeah, St. Francis Folly at last

I haven't completed it yet, of course, but it has a very nice aesthetic and interesting new enemy types.

Ok, some things I've noticed on this update playing through the levels for the billionth time:

Chapter 1-3 is greatly rebalanced. I played through these before I received my compensation and had little problems getting through them with the minimum stats I had. I then got my stuff back and thinking I would get through City of Vilcabamba without any issues... I was dead wrong. I don't really understand how there can be such a disparacy between chapter 3 and 4 👀 I struggled already after the compensation and with Lara being level 22 or so, imagine attempting to complete it before the compensation... I don't even want to think about the amount of grinding needed... So I can completely understand tomblover being stuck there. Also, item drops rates are lower than ever, making grinding even more of a pain. I know I literally said a couple of months ago that they should rebalance the first 3 chapters and then they can do whatever they want with the following ones, to make the game seem more welcoming, and I'm glad they have apparently listened, but... I was wrong. Please do better 😬 Not to say there are no changes to chapter 4 but if anything, they seem to have made it harder than before, which I feel is unnecessary. The change to the charging raptor boss was a neat idea though, adding an additional raptor (with 3 raptors when you re-fight it in chapter 5).

For known bugs: there is a way to essentially get infinite money but... I won't reveal the technique because I'm a greedy bitch 😌 There was a hilarious glitch on the first boss in St Francis Folly where he was literally spinning non-stop and all I had to do was stand there and shoot him until he died... Where he still continued to spin :vlol: I don't know if that happens every time but it was funny. I don't remember that many other major bugs, to be honest. The game is generally very stable right now and I would say the only thing they need to work on is frame rate improvements and graphics.

And that's it for feedback. I'm sure I'll be grinding a bit more in order to complete the new level, and when I do, I'll be sure to post anything worth mentioning here Also, pwease give us a new outfit in the next update

tomblover 04-04-21 18:30

^ I've noticed I'm able to redeem my free crate of coins twice per countdown - which, sometimes, I think doesn't even line up with when I'm able to redeem it/them?

I think it's supposed to be on a four-hour cooldown, but I could swear I've been redeeming crate(s) every two hours or so... :vlol:

Mikky 04-04-21 19:31

You mean that crate that gives you those 250 coins? Riiiiight. I don't even bother with that, never have :p I'm not even sure what they expect people to do with that small amount. You can get so much more simply from starting the later stages at any moment on the lucky wheel. Similar games like Archero give you a lot more on those hourly/daily prizes. Maybe it's something they'll improve in an update.

No, the exploit I'm talking about is a little more obscure. It's not like I actually need more coins since I have nearly a million (from the compensation, I haven't actually used the exploit that much since), but... What if I need a ridiculous amount at a later date and they fix the bug because of my big mouth? :pi:

Ok, ok. I guess they'll probably find it themselves and fix it anyway, so here goes...

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