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UroshUchiha 23-08-21 13:20

Yes. You have 7 days to complete the weekly chest. And you are allowed to only completely skip a single day. So to get the reward you have to do the daily 6 times per week.

LateRaider 23-08-21 13:25

good to know, thanks. i'll stop investing time in the dash until it refreshes

tlr online 23-08-21 13:30

I'm looking for someone to record some footage from this game for a feature I'm working on. H.264 and 60FPS if possible and from various levels. Drop me a PM if you can help.

Mikky 23-08-21 19:36

I recently got a new phone and the game runs really well at 60FPS even while recording. The thing is, I'm really busy with work these days so I don't know how much time I'd have to record everything you're asking for. I guess I could try on my day off, if no-one else offers by then. I'll let you know

PSLara 25-08-21 16:30

why they don't release the game in other countries??

charmedangelin 29-08-21 01:26

This game is way too hard, I mean seriously. I've been bored the last few days and decided to reinstall Reloaded and yeah, I can't get passed Tomb of Qualapec at all. Who asked for a stupid boss rush. Especially when they just spam 1000s of enemies to cheaply make the boss more difficult.

I have all rare gear now though, but I honestly don't know what to do tbh. Unless I have to farm for Epic gear then this is completely impossible. I have like 10,000 HP points by now, but it's just ridiculously difficult.

I wish SE contracted the same devs who made Lara Croft Go to make this game or something because it really sucks imo.


This game is trash, I tried to ask the devs for difficulty options and my comment got deleted. Then I get Shadow banned and can't see any comments after that.

They can enjoy making the game extremely difficult and grindy while I enjoy the blowback on release day when more people find themselves stuck in The Lost Valley and Tomb of Qualapec for months on end. I generally want to embrace this given it's the only TR related thing we are supposed to be getting this year, but if censorship is all they have to offer then to hell with it then.

No one and I mean absolutely no one is going to want to play a game where months of your time is spent making absolutely no freaking progress unless you she'll out the cash to get proper gear. Like honestly, only a small handful of people are testing this game and they just seem to be willfully deafening their ears when people post feedback.

Mind you I'm not the only one, people have been complaining about the difficulty for months, they've been complaining especially about the daily tasks and quests being nearly impossible if you don't work at it like a full time job.

It's clear they only care about using Lara's iconic brand to squeeze as much money as they can out of Reloaded from despite players whose only option to consume TR related content for this year is to play this mobile flop.

UroshUchiha 29-08-21 11:35

The server has a bot that is insanely sensitive. The bot deletes comments and mutes people for ~30 minutes for dumbest reasons in my opinion.

I talked to Fox (the only community manager there) about it and she said that sadly it has to be like that. The server is open to minors and an overly sensitive bot is a must cause she can't monitor the server's activity 24/7 and

And with Fox currently being on a vacation, the server is more or less run by the bot now. Fox did say that two staff members will cover for her, but honestly, I haven't seen them do any interaction except one or two comments in the issues bugs channel. So you might have been a victim of the bot like many of us were, myself included. Or one of the people who are replacing Fox are silently deleting stuff and banning people which would not be a cool thing to do. Fox certainly never did that.

As for the game, I completely agree. The game's whole shtick is that you have to grind for a long long time before you reach the power level needed to finish the next Tomb without serious issues. Or pay with real world money to skip the grind. The usual mobile game tactics.

KillerZ 03-09-21 12:20

I managed to beat the boss rush after I got a purple spear. It has massive damage, but a bit slow. I try to get crit close to 100% and with both spread shot (got to run up close though so all 5 spears hit), I can bully the bosses, the purple extra pushback with spear helps with the bullying.

Mikky 08-09-21 17:48

Anaya and Von Croy make an appearance in the latest update. I believe they replace the angel and devil but I could be wrong. I'll let y'all know when I update my game

charmedangelin 08-09-21 18:14

Apparently they've changed the wheel and increased the chances of getting gems. I'll redownload and try the game again when I get the chance.

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