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Lior_K 21-11-07 15:36


Originally Posted by Doby (Post 2268338)
Cool! :tmb: Yet gross Lol. Does anyone know why Core made Atlantis made out of skin?

The idea was that the entire pyramid was a living organism.

Bokkie 21-11-07 15:51


Originally Posted by Lior_K (Post 2268368)
The idea was that the entire pyramid was a living organism.

Like a queen - making a lot of Atlanteans ;)

GodOfLight 21-11-07 15:58

A big mother bringing forth all altanteans :cln:

with the scion as this mother's 'heart' :jmp:

CD lost all of that magic with their spaceship Atlantis :hea:

Zebra 21-11-07 16:00

Do you know how the ladders in Atlantis looked like (in CD's TRA)?
When I first saw that I really felt like I was playing a game of StarTrek :p.

MiCkiZ88 21-11-07 16:06

Thanks so much Justin. :)

Originally Posted by Ward Dragon (Post 2267534)
I am very excited and happy that I can share this with everyone :D I modded the last two levels of TRA with the Core textures that Carl Yellot-Bilby released on his site :D



You need Texmod and the PC version of TRA to run it :)

Meow! That is bloody (literally) awesome! :D

The colours of TRAE look absolutely amazing. Especially the lighting.

Gabi 21-11-07 16:28

Thanks Justin :D.

*sits and ponders about what could have been............*

Never mind :)

Angel_14 21-11-07 16:38

Oh goodie! Then I'm allowed to post this:

tomblover 21-11-07 16:45


God! I'm so happy I could hug a zombie! :jmp: :cln:

Thank you so incredibly, amazingly, lovingly much, Justin! :hug::hug::hug::hug::hug::hug::hug::hug::hug::hug: :hug::hug::hug::hug::hug::hug::hug::hug:

MrBear 21-11-07 16:45

Angel 14: amazing! makes you realise just how important colours are :)

MiCkiZ88 21-11-07 16:47


Originally Posted by Angel_14 (Post 2268489)
Oh goodie! Then I'm allowed to post this:


.. Curse you.. Now you are making me want to buy Anniversary for pc. :pi:

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