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Joey79100 04-11-16 21:16

Making the full game playable would not be a problem I guess, because it still needs the original game files, that you have to own. Just the same as OpenTomb or other engines.

Talking of OpenTomb... That looks awesome, and I'm surprised it's not based on OpenTomb. It's like you've been doing in a few months what OpenTomb took years to do already. But they made more actually, because they had to discover many things still, and are managing a complex physics engine.
OpenLara just looks much more closer to something playable. Maybe it's just an impression, don't know, but I like how the camera is smooth, this is sweet for the eyes.

I can't wait to see more of it! :D

vvsgh 05-11-16 13:35

The comparison to OpenTomb won't be fair because it was already rewritten so many times that I've lost count. There is no clear plan, so the project wandered in many contradictory directions. Also, there is always lack of dedicated time to work on it.

All in all I understand how being independent can significantly speed progress up. But there is always the danger to lose the momentum later. And writing reusable code could really help. Sometimes I think that establishing a TombRaider-less framework would be the best strategy. At least it worked very well for ScummVM project.

scion05 05-11-16 14:33

Plays fantastic in Safari on OS Sierra.

My only critique is that the camera wanders way too much, I prefer it to be fixed. The game itself is marvellous, well done.

Lwmte 06-11-16 09:18

Have to say again (already said it in Slack) that progress is quite fast, considering that you're doing everything on your own at the moment ;)

Game is NOT running faster than original, maybe it seems so because there's no angular inertia implemented at the moment (i. e. when you turn left or right, Lara does this with constant speed, without speed "curve").

Regarding "cease & desist" letters, well, nobody received such letters in all the years of OpenRaider/OpenTomb/etc. development. Again, technically, there's no reason for it, cause nobody's "remaking" any resources, it's only code which operates on original game files.

Regarding bugs... Once I had camera stuck underwater and got black screen, repeated "face wall smash" animations while pressing forward at the walls, also Lara gets too deep into walls while standing right next to them. Also I see that OpenLara also has problems with ROTATE_180 flipeffect on roll animation, cause there are garbage frames of Lara pointing at wrong direction when rotation occurs. But all these things are surely tolerable, considering that project is only 3 months in development!

P.S.: I have added your project to our project registry ;)

XProger 07-11-16 22:56

Currently I'm in process of adding support for weapons.
At this point you can shoot forward (without aiming) for all kinds of TR1 weapons (pistols, shotgun, magnums, uzis), switching them by keys 1-4 and draw/hide by Q or Alt.

XProger 08-11-16 09:16

And some of first bugs :)
When I've started research of weapons I discovered, that Pistols, Magnums & Uzis uses same animations for draw and hide (reversed). Shotgun has special hide animation (not reversed) and animated chest (not used in original game)
http://xproger.info/projects/OpenLar...n_draw_bug.gif http://xproger.info/projects/OpenLar...s_shot_bug.gif

Caesum 08-11-16 09:33

Wow Lara that's some sick moves you can do with your body!!! :yik:

Just tested and is it just me or Lara's left hand is a little more rotated than right hand? It feels a bit like alpha TR1.

XProger 08-11-16 09:53


Originally Posted by Caesum (Post 7678583)
Just tested and is it just me or Lara's left hand is a little more rotated than right hand? It feels a bit like alpha TR1.

Yep, it would be fixed when I finish aiming because as in original game chest animation should not affect the arms when aiming or firing.

Caesum 08-11-16 10:02

Oh I see. Anyway, your progress seems to be so quick. I haven't been that excited about custom engines for a long time. :cln: All the other projects seem to fail quickly so I hope yours will be a success.

Are you going with implementation of TR1-5 features only or do you think about eventually making a modding kit for your engine as well?

XProger 08-11-16 10:54

Thanks, I hope so :)
I plan to implement other TR series after the successful completion of the first TR.
I'll think about modding kit in future if there is demand.

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