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fondantcookie 14-06-16 12:14

Crash Bandicoot - PS4
Sony have confirmed that Crash Bandicoot is COMING BACK and will be heading to PS4.


It's not an original game but will be complete from the ground up remasters/reimagining of the first 3 games from PS1 (for now).

Absolutely can't wait for this, I played all three Crash games back in the day and again recently on Vita :jmp:

In related news, Crash is also entering Skylanders:

UPDATE: Release date confirmed as JUNE 30th 2017 for PS4 !! :jmp:

Lara_Fan1 14-06-16 12:18

I'm so happy and hyped for Crash it's unreal.

Shark_Blade 14-06-16 12:23

Great way to celebrate 20th Anniversary unlike TR tbh. ;)

Tombraider95 14-06-16 12:24


Originally Posted by Shark_Blade (Post 7596883)
Great way to celebrate 20th Anniversary unlike TR tbh. ;)

:brofist: I can't wait for those dog tags

dcw123 14-06-16 12:25


I always know this was gonna happen - I guess they really wanted to keep it under wraps. Please don't butcher it though.

I also don't want a remaster (which would be boring) I'd prefer a re-imagining. See what they can improve on..

I would much rather Sony be making the game than Activision though - unless they are working together?

Octo 14-06-16 12:28

Is this true!?:jmp:

Lara_Fan1 14-06-16 12:31


Originally Posted by Octo (Post 7596890)
Is this true!?:jmp:

Yes, it's true.

Bomb Fighter 14-06-16 12:35

Flawless thread.
I confess that I cried when Crash's music started to play. I couldn't believe it. I wish we had at least a few screens to see what kind of remaster we can expect but I am incredibely excited anyway.
I love you Sony. Activision, don't **** it up!

dcw123 14-06-16 12:41

^ I didn't hear any theme?
I loved his classic 'Woahhh" TBQH - much better than this awful gibberish from the later games.

Lara's home 14-06-16 12:44

Not very excited. Could be good, but if they are just remakes.. I probably wouldn't buy them. Lets wait and see. :)

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