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Rai 19-05-19 23:32

What is your favourite challenge tomb?
Poll requested by Enya Brennan.

I apologise for taking forever to getting to this, Enya, I totally forgot.

We have polls for favourite DLC tombs, but this poll incorporates all of the challenge tombs.

Bear with me while I add the poll options.

Vaskito 19-05-19 23:46

I loke them all mostly equally, but so far, mother protector is the most elaborate one which combines reboot and classic in a really nice way

NoahCrofRaider 19-05-19 23:55

I love all of them, especially the DLC tombs, but Howl of the Monkey Gods was probably my favorite. Itís always so much fun to play through. The Forgeís tomb was pretty great too.

Athukraz 19-05-19 23:58

Hard to choose. I'm hesitating between Mother Protector and Slayer's Gauntlet. I love the classic feel in both of them. One requires thought while the other is about dodging traps; piranhas, blades, fire and I love climbing that tower at the end. I picked Slayer's Gauntlet. Also the music there is amazing!

PS: DLC4 is Sixth Seal. The option is missing an L

Rai 20-05-19 00:12


Originally Posted by Athukraz (Post 8090639)
PS: DLC4 is Sixth Seal. The option is missing an L

Ooopsy. That's one L of a miss-copy. Can't change it I'm afraid. You're all just gonna have to imagine it.

Robwood 20-05-19 00:24

Mother Protector; no contest!

Grimaldi 20-05-19 03:26

I keep going back and forth on this. It was the Path Home for awhile, but the final puzzle can be a drag on repeat playthroughs. I think now itís between Howl of the Monkey Gods and Zipcanaís Craving, with the Path Home and Serpentís Heart being honourable mentions.

The Path of Battle and San Cordoba from the main game tombs too. :cln:

Raider8 20-05-19 08:06

San Cordoba - A wonderful tomb with dark stunning environment and platforming.

Path of Hurracan - Again the gorgeous storm atmosphere was so refreshing to have in the game.

Zipacna's Craving - An interesting tomb better than the forge, good puzzle

Lukass 20-05-19 08:53

Mother Protector

iWANEX 20-05-19 09:58

I voted for Howl of the Monkey Gods even though Mother Protector was absolutely amazing too.

Howl is probably the most challenging tomb we've had in a while and I loved every second of it. Mother was amazing too but on replays, it's not as fun.

But honestly, all of them are a massive upgrade, even counting the LAU games.

Side note: It's appalling to see how very few people are voting in this poll, and the amount of people voting in the one that focuses on Lara's looks. This fandom and its priorities... yikes.

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