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legluondunet 25-05-19 19:59

install Tomb Raider II easily on Linux

I just finish to wrote a Lutris script to install easily Tomb Raider II on Linux:

First install Lutris:

then go to the Tomb Raider II Lutris page:

and click "install" at this script name:

- Wine GOG + DgVoodoo2 version

I will try to maintain this script, so you can send me questions or report issue to my github Lutris scripts page:

A big thanks to this forum without I could not realise this script.

Deathly Karma 25-05-19 20:15

Hey, thanks for this script, is there a Steam + Dgvoodoo script? Because I've used Proton and it didn't work.

legluondunet 26-05-19 08:18

Hello DK, I not planned it for the moment, I'm essentially writing scripts for Gog games.
Valve already actively working on making their windows games available on Linux with Steamplay, so I think it useless to make script for Steam games.

legluondunet 17-06-19 12:33

update: Tomb Raider II Lutris script with last Arsunt/TR2Main patch:

legluondunet 18-08-19 07:40

Tomb Raider II Lutris script updated:
- now Gold, added Golden Mask

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