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blue_box 23-02-09 18:50

Tomb Raider movie Lara by AlexCroft
=> http://s46.radikal.ru/i111/0902/6f/bcde982deb9ct.jpg

F_tr 23-02-09 18:51

is it possible to put both lara and the doppelganger in the program?

jackles 23-02-09 18:55

blue_box Can you reduce the size of that pic please!

Don't forget folks...keep those pics a sensible size...and 'tasteful'

some great pics btw.

Soul 23-02-09 18:56

Heres my seconds pose. I love this programm :D
Don't know if this has allready been posted (better) but I'm quite proud of it.

Survival 23-02-09 19:00

Damn itīs so much fun yet I have no patience for something better and more complicated :( :D.


NightWish 23-02-09 19:44


Originally Posted by sassio jolie (Post 3480633)
my new aod pose :d



amazing! :d

*PH* 23-02-09 19:46


Originally Posted by SaSsio JoLiE (Post 3480633)
My new aod pose :D




ANoDE 23-02-09 19:49

Awesome works here, folks! I love how talented you all are! Great work!

Originally Posted by Scia (Post 3479262)
I made MOAR! :D

May I use a few of those, please? (I don't know for what exactly, yet but probably some wallpaper or avatar or stuff)
The fierce ones just look stunning!

Cristina 23-02-09 19:51



Hey_You! 23-02-09 19:53


Originally Posted by tomblover (Post 3480478)

Priceless :D

Here's my first try at compositing:

The pose:
Face closeup:

Aside from the fact that Dusan's app is a killer, it reproducably crashes when using the Numpad1/2/3 + Left mouse drag and you happen to rotate a joint past its (-180;180) range on the Y or Z axis. I hope Dusan notices this and has time to fix it.

Great work, everyone.

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