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XNAaraL 07-09-21 02:21

AtlantiB "I'm in university. havent internet to be here"

Originally Posted by Nausinous (Post 8319234)
Does anyone know where we can get these models?

Yes I know it.

These models are available in another forum.
This TRF site do not allow to post links to this other forum.
This other forum do not allow to upload the models somewhere else.

Thumbs rule:
(Nearly) Every TRI, TRII, TRIII, TRIV, TRC, TRAOD, TRA, GoL "FMVLara 2.0" models for XPS are based on the rigging and skinning made by AtlantiB.
(Nearly) Every TRL models for XPS are based on the rigging and skinning made by XNAaraL

BTW: He have also an "mediafire DOT com" account ;)

ozzman 13-10-21 23:17


Brekkez 14-10-21 00:23

Does anyone here know How to open mdl/enc model files (ps2)

ozzman 11-01-22 17:12


XNAaraL 20-02-22 14:33

Happy 13th anniversary
Happy 13th anniversary

XNALara 20-02-2009 - 20-02-2022

3D Anaglyph Red-Cyan Render ... made with XPS

To view properly, you'll need red/cyan 3d glasses.

ozzman 14-03-22 00:42


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