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DOPE 08-08-21 10:59

I liked how colorful Thailand was, some parts of Mexico I consider good, the Manor level and Lara’s movement system when the controls don’t glitch.. everything else a mess.

Frceghst8 08-08-21 14:45

@ Dope : Aww, you didn't like the Norse mythology in game? I wish they would have expanded on it. Just imo.

Mr. Mr. 16-08-21 16:59

I wanted to like this game. I really, really did. But it just has too many game-breaking bugs to enjoy. There were two separate instances where I was unable to complete a level because of a major bug that forced me to start the level all over again- one in Thailand (lever didn't appear) and the other in Mexico (an item I picked up earlier in the level was strangely not in my inventory at the end).

Also, I think it was a mistake for the first level of the game (not counting the flash forward in Lara's Home) involved swimming, especially since it's a fetch quest to enter the main underground area.

Frceghst8 17-08-21 12:51

Xbox version or PC version? ^

Mr. Mr. 19-08-21 16:38

The lever bug was in the Wii version, the inventory bug was in the XBox 360 version. I fared better in the PS3 version included in the HD Trilogy, though.

Blackmoor 19-08-21 17:37


-"Drop it, Zip, or I'll drop you"
-"I need Thor's belt to get his hammer, and I need the hammer to kill a god".
-Mexico and Thailand graphics
-Some of Lara's movements - very gymnastic-y
-Some of the Amanda / Lara moments together near the end


-Eitr beings
-How Lara's mum died. It wasn't built up properly or given the emotion it needed.
-Avalon not being Avalon but some base near the north pole
-I didn't hate it but I wasn't really into all the Norse stuff.
-Blowing up Croft Manor

Evil Doggos 30-08-21 00:52

Opinions change I guess and while the game has bugs and issues, it is easily better than 2013, Rise and Shadow. Been a year and a half but it is a fun game with some of the best levels in the franchise to date. I put it above Legends even. I appreciate the open levels and the way it encouraged exploration. Combat felt too easy though.

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