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SalimB 07-01-22 00:49

Stripes in menu
Hello !
I have some issues playing customs levels recently. When i go to the menu or inventory, it shows ugly stripes. It was not the case before, and that's a little bit annoying. Also, on some customs levels, i cant open the save/load menu (freeze the game but still can save if that makes sense) and i cant use diary functions, it does the same, freeze the game and cant see what it is suppose to show... Sorry btw for my bad english ! Thanks ! :)

Wolf 7 11-01-22 09:38

Stripes in the menu is sort of a graphical glitch, which can be avoided if you run your game at 16bits. Not all customs have stripes though! Recent-ish customs have also clear backgrounds ^w^
As far as the game freezing in the diary goes, I remember this happened when I was playing 2011 Titak's Mist of Avalon, I solved it playing the game on windowed :3 (and have started playing windowed ever since)

SalimB 11-01-22 16:48

Thank you Wolf !
Indeed, i don't have this problem with recents levels, and i have this problem with mist of avalon actually ahah !
Your answer was helpful, thanks for that :)

Wolf 7 12-01-22 08:48

Super glad it all worked out ^w^

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