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GabrielCroft 23-05-19 17:05

Reflections in a room without water

I saw this in some levels, searched the web but couldn't find anything about that. How can I make a dry, normal room, having the reflections that a water room has?


Titak 23-05-19 17:22

It's the M button. (Mist) :D

GabrielCroft 23-05-19 17:34


Originally Posted by Titak (Post 8092299)
It's the M button. (Mist) :D

Omg, is it that easy? :p
Anyway, even in number 4, it seems so weak and showing only in specific places like close to the floor
Is it possible to make the reflections for the whole room?

Thank you so much :hug:

LoreRaider 23-05-19 17:49

^If you use NGLE, you have to turn your dry room into a water room, and then with the room flipeffect, you swap the room type from water to dry, and you'll have the reflections for the whole room :)
Otherwise, if you use TE, you can simply use "Glow" in the room type menu :)

GabrielCroft 24-05-19 00:13

@LoreRaider thank you, I use NGLE but unfortunately your method didn't work. When I turn the flipmap on, the reflection goes away with the water.

LoreRaider 24-05-19 04:56

I haven't talked about flipmap, but flipeffect ;)

GabrielCroft 24-05-19 15:15

Ohhh, sorry, I thought you were talking about flipeffects to turn on flipmaps. I didn't know there was a water, weather, etc removal.
But ok, I used it and it works fine, dry with reflections, except for the fact that Lara pass through the room door even with toggle oppacity on (it's supposed to be a frozen "water room" beneath her). Any fix for that? :(

LoreRaider 24-05-19 20:57

Sadly original compiler converts every portal with Toggle Opacity 1 as Toggle Opacity 2 when there's a water room between the portal itself
Maybe doing the same trick for the frozen room will fix it?

GabrielCroft 24-05-19 22:02

Sorry again, I don't know what is this trick :confused:

Dustie 24-05-19 22:34

You have to make a 1 click tall room between the dry room and the water room to get the solid surface Lara could still walk on. :)

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