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Heisenberg 04-06-19 15:53

Was the game Not Ready on Launch?
Question is simple, I saw this interview where this douche said that it's not how a game launches but how it finishes a couple of months later. And do you think that was the case with Shadow? The whole day 1 patch and patched ending and the small delay in DLCs though were ultimately delivered on time, do you think Shadow was not ready when it launched last September?

Vaskito 04-06-19 15:54

I think the game wasn't well polished at launch, so yea, one/two months delay could have worked in its favor.

Athukraz 04-06-19 15:54

I don't believe it was ready. I get a different vibe playing it than when I play 2013 and rise

Heartache 04-06-19 16:00

it was definitely not ready . its by far my favourite, but the unpolished state leaves a bad taste in my mouth

Robwood 04-06-19 16:25

Naturally it wasn't ready. Any game that has more coming out after being released is unfinished.

Athukraz 04-06-19 16:34


Originally Posted by Robwood (Post 8095945)
Naturally it wasn't ready. Any game that has more coming out after being released is unfinished.

It's not about that.

Yuna´s Wish 04-06-19 16:43

I believe it wasn't ready.

One could guess that there was some pressure to move on to other projects, like those related to Avengers. Or that TR was required to make money then and not at a later date.

Whatever it was, the game was launched with some nasty bugs (100% completion, to name the nastiest).

The funny thing is that it's still my favourite of the reboot and it's on my top 3 for the series :O

Heisenberg 04-06-19 16:51

Glad to read that I'm not the only one who thinks it wasn't read. Ugh... don't remind me of the 100% glitch.

TR1249 04-06-19 16:56

Reading about some stuff (Paititi being destroyed as the game moves on etc.) just screams unfinished to me.

It was such a mess, when it was released on PC in September

AntRaidsTombs 04-06-19 16:58

I don’t think it was ready either. I believe they needed a few more months to polish everything. Shadow could’ve been much more than what it was, I still love it though.

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