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kryptonite23 31-03-07 13:58

Do you have the full collection of FF?

Hyper_Crazy 31-03-07 14:00

Well I have:

Final Fantasy I
Final Fantasy II
Final Fantasy IV
Final Fantasy V
Final Fantasy VI
Final Fantasy VII
Final Fantasy VIII
Final Fantasy IX
Final Fantasy X
Final Fantasy X-2
Final Fantasy XII

So basically the only ones I'm missing are Final Fantasy III and Final Fantasy XI.

kryptonite23 31-03-07 14:02

THat is almost complete.:)
I am jealous to you.:(
I like to have a collection of it before but it did not come true.:(

Jack Croft 31-03-07 15:28

Hows everyone doing on FF XII im at Tchita Uplands! :D

Hyper_Crazy 31-03-07 15:30


Originally Posted by Jack Croft (Post 1689800)
Hows everyone doing on FF XII im at Tchita Uplands! :D

I was there a few days ago, its a great place to train!
What level are your characters?

Rivendell 31-03-07 15:34

I've got:


Completed: FF6,7,8,9,10

1 I got 5 hours through and got stuck
Not started FF2 yet,
X-2 was too hard and I didn't like the characters
12's story isn't compelling me enough to find out what's happening.

Hyper_Crazy 31-03-07 15:36

Final Fantasy I and II are soooooo boring! XII is a little bit boring, why is this game about politics, Final Fantasy should never be all about politics, there should be a love story, *SPOILER*well there is a little one between Vaan and Penelo, but not that much.*END SPOILER*.

Trigger_happy 31-03-07 15:52

My final fantasy loving friend has refused to play XII as it doesn't have a love story in it!

Hyper_Crazy 31-03-07 15:53

Well it does, kind of XD.

Supernova 31-03-07 16:57

I have:

FF1 I will never complete this game, way too boring
FF2 Same as FF1
FF4 Near the ending of the game
FF5 Completed and loved it!
FF6 Completed it, I love Celes, one of my all time favourite FF characters
FF7 Completed it 100%, first FF and RPG I played
FF8 Completed it 100%, my favourite FF game
FF9 Completed it
FF10 Completed it and loved it!
FF10-2 Completed it and got the secret ending, didn't really like this one
FF12 Completed it, but also didn't really like it, way too much fighting

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